Recommend me a family holiday destination


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Hi all,

Looking to go abroad for our first family holiday.

We have a girl aged 4 and a son aged 1 and a half. Looking to go all inclusive for maybe 10 nights, between £1000 and £2000.

Any recommendations?



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Ah sorry, missed the all inclusive bit! Was tired. Keyboard knackered on mac too!

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I can suggest La Pineda on the Costa Dorada in Spain. Reasons are (albeit, depends where you live)

1) 1hr 30 mins flight from Liverpool / Machester - probably similar from Stanstead, Gatwick etc, etc to Reus Airport - Reus Airport very small so no crowds hence very easy to sit family down while you get the luggage etc

2) 15 mins Taxi ride from Reus Airport (35 euro's). Advantage here is speed and comfort, no waiting for anoher 20 - 30 people and their luggage to get on a coach transfer and same for return journey

3) La Pineda itself is quiet but, not dead and lovely beach

4) Very good bus service if you want to travel afar

5) Aquapolis - water park - again great for kids (youngsters as well) will only be 10 mins walk from (almost) which ever hotel you stay at

6) Personally would suggest half board rather than all inclusive

7) As for hotels well, this is personal, however, check out

Golden Donnaire Beach Hotel - 8 Nights HB in August = £970

Accommodation Availability -

might be to you liking might not

As for flights, try Ryan Aire

Hope this helps

What I can say is, with a 1 years and a 4 years old La Pineda ticks key boxes

1) Quick and easy to get there
2) Quiet, but not boring
3) Clean, Tidy & Safe
4) Not with standing rate of Euor - affordable

Good luck

Bill Hicks

I wouldn't be too happy about taking a 1 year old to any where that will be to hot, so I would probably consider northern European holidays for the next couple of years until He's at least 3 imho.


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Way too young for Orlando even if you did have a bigger budget.

Having children with a similar age gap and holidayed every year since they were 1yo (now 11yo and 15yo) I would recommend the following

(i) Short flight
(ii) A quite resort
(iii) A good pool - by which I mean a decent sized and interesting child pool
(iv) Short walk to beach and town
(v) Sandy beach
(vi) Consider a ground floor apartment as lugging buggies, the children and kit up stairs can be quite a pain
(vii) Not to hot (greece and turkey for example) becuase of their delicate skin

Also you will find your holiday won't be the relaxing time you used to have. The opportunity to lie in the son with a beer and a book are seriously reduced because you will be constantly on the look out to where your children have got to.

The most successful when our children were small were

(i) Balearics (Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza)
Pueto Pollensa as mentioned above is great.
Minorca is the quietest island.
We also liked Ibiza but we were over on the NE side well away from San Antonio.

(ii) Canaries - the quiter parts, say Fuerteventura and Tenerife

If you stay awy from the big resorts then you will avoid the noise, crowds and 'laddish' behaviour.



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