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Recommend me a decoder and installer


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OK, I've put it off long enough. Mrs Z wants me to get her Russian satellite TV, which we've been thinking about for years, and I'm finding it a little confusing. I know I need an 80cm dish and a decoder. The channels we want to watch are free to air on Hotbird, but I want a decoder with multi-standard cam slots in case we decide to upgrade to subscription channels later. A fixed dish system would be fine but, equally, I wouldn't mind a motorised dish for more choice. I went on to ebay and found this: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Complete-Moto...0152485QQihZ016QQcategoryZ96970QQcmdZViewItem

1. Would that do the job/be a decent system, or is it rubbish/overkill/a rip off?

2. Can anyone recommend me a good system that will do what I want (it doesn't have to be flashy, though)?

3. Where's a good place to buy this kind of stuff online (or should I get my equipment from the company who installs it)?

4. How much should I expect to pay for a system with installation?

5. Can anyone recommend a reliable installer who serves the Cheltenham area?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I'm totally clueless and don't want to mess up. Thanks in advance for your help :lease:


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I've been into the Sat hobby for about 10 years and seen have seen a wide of recievers both cheap and expensive .I own 2 Humax's and a TM1500 ,the Humax models were good in there time but there are better ones now .The Technomate for instance is a dream to own .Very simple to program and operate . I use mine on a motorised system and again it is very easy to setup. I have the 1500 with one card reader and one CI slot built in . As I use the CAM's alot I wish I'd went for the twin CI version ,as I use a Dragon & Icecrypt . The TM1500 is less than a ton to buy and represents very good value . Check out a few on-line stores and see whats available.
If you want to use a system on just one satellite , you could do it your self if your a bit technicly minded .It's not that difficult , a motorised setup is a bit harder .You just need a 80cm dish , reciever ,lenght of Sat cable , LNB , a cheap meter and a compass . Depending on where your going to site it ,you will need some brackets and a 2" pole . If you already know someone with a setup , maybe they would kindly lend a hand .If not I'm sure some board members including myself would take you through it step by step .
I honestly have no idea how much people charge nowadays ,a motorised setup 8 or 9 years ago would have been just over £200 from one installer in the north East.I've always done my own .HTH's


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If you employ a specialist to install the system, let him supply it. If you present an installer with unfamiliar (possibly incorrect) equipment, it'll take him longer and he'll charge more.

If you install it yourself, put it on a pole near ground level. Working up a ladder is no joke.


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To be honest, I'm not really the DIY sort of person - in fact, I'm a candidate for DIY SOS - so I'm not really that keen on doing it myself. Mind you, my Sky dish is already on a pole on the back of the house - could I attach the new dish to the same pole?


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Thank you all for your help. Just one more question (for now) - is there a good website for looking at reviews of systems?


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satellites.co.uk has a local installer section that may be useful, plus loads of info on different receivers.

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