Recommend me a cd player max £100 for headphone rig

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I'm considering buying a second cd player just to use with my new graham slee solo amp as it has 2 inputs and the sound from my mac through it isn't overly impressive.

I'm not looking for audiophile heaven just the best I can get for £100. I'm not bothered about anything fancy like SACD/CD Text or even a remote just something that sounds pretty good.

I'm guessing I'll get quite a bit more for my money by going down the 2nd hand route? Will one of the old school sony/marantz players be a good option?

Thanks for any help.


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Toshiba SD900e - DVD-A/DVD-V/CD/HDCD.

No really both available for less than £100.

Cable Monkey

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I see you have a DAC in your sig. Try the laptop into the DAC and see if it improves. If it does then there is an obvious candidate on the market for around £100 you could try instead of splashing out on a second hand CD player that might crap out anytime.

Thanks for the replies. since making this thread I have decided to buy a deciated DAC for my rig instead. I'm looking at either a Fubar II or the new V Dac from Musical Fidelity which is released next month.

Thanks again
Arcam_Boy :)
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