Recommend me a CD / DVD player



My Micromega Stage2 is starting to skip here and there..

It's about time it got replaced,,

Now I can either get a decent combo CD / DVD player but it will be used a lot for music so it has to be a decent cd player.. My current DVD player is a Toshiba 2nd gen sorry can't remember the model no' .. But it's got to be better.. and play cd-r

Or just a stand alone CD player.. But lets face it, with CD you have to spend rather lots of money to get to the high end.. and even then your ears are always pushed to tell the difference..

I am prepared to spend upto £500

oh and it's got to be black and of standard size so that it fits in my Apollo hi-fi rack..

any recommendations ?


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I am biased as I have just bought one but you could do a lot worse than a Harman Kardon DVD25.
I bought mine for £350 and they even upgraded the firmware to the MultiRegion patch.
All the guys in my local hi-fi shop said that there was nothing to touch it at the price - one even said he would pay £500+ for that sort of playback quality, it also has progressive scan but I think it is just for NTSC.

Attached is a link to the user guide's manual/DVD 25/DVD25 Eng.pdf

Definitely worth a look I would say


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The Primare V10 is an excellent DVD player and although criticised musically, I think this is unfounded. It's a clean sounding player and while not immediately impressive it's also not as fatiguing as most DVD players with music.

It's normally £700, so outside your budget, but there are a couple of ex dem units around the £500 mark.

The cheapest I've seen is on Signals (

I borrowed one before I plumped for the V20, and it really was a good player (the V20 was just better). You should at least try one as they are in a different league to the Japanese mass market players.

BTW if you could stretch your budget a bit I saw on ex dem V20 at for £695 which is a steal. There is really nothing to touch it sonically and visually in that price range and it's built like a tank. I'm sure that you could get a bit extra off as it's been there for a while. It really is as good as it gets.

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