Recommend me a book please.


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London Street Guide ? :D

Come on, give us a clue - what sort of books do you generally prefer ?


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Well not that fussed really, I didnt want to narrow it down just in case someone didnt recommend me one.

I like everything from Horror to comedy. Ive been known to read the odd biography too.


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Well, I'd recommend...

'Flashman' - George MacDonald Fraser
The tale of what happened to Harry Flashman, the bully from 'Tom Browns Schooldays', after he left Rugby school. Set in the 1800's, it's got bags of historical detail wrapped up in a funny, raunchy package. The first in a series of 12 books (so far), I must have read every one of them 5 times over.


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anything by raymond feist - probably best to start at the beginning tho with The Magician. It was in the top 100 books ever list that came a little while ago. Don't let the title put you off, if you liked Lord of the Rings books, you will love this and the best bit is, there are LOADS of books in the overall story, put together as trilogies - with many of the same characters appearing in many of the books.
Really, can't recommend these books highly enough.


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If you want something contemporary I'd go for The Kite Runner or if you fancy something a bit darker I'd go for Ellroy's Black Dahlia - once you've read that I'm almost certain that you'll want to read the other three is that series.


A cpuple of threads here and here with some recomendations.

I would also suggest Vixen 03 by Clive Cussler others by him are good but the first 2 are slower paced and the latter he is a bit self indulgent, but still good reads.


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I'd suggest 'The Business' By Ian Banks, very good read. It's about a woman who works for 'the company' which is a huge mulit-mational company with levels, ie bord of directors are 'level 1s.' The story is about the company's attempt to 'buy' a country so it can basically becmoe a nation.

Very interesting view of society and how it could end up, and Banks is an awsome writer. He does his research too, so you wont get annoyed with little infactuality.

Not usually my cup of tea, (more a classics man myself, lol) but a friend suggested it and i've now started reading his back catalogue!

Happy reading.

Mrs AutomanUK

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Frank Skinners autiography is very good. Silence of the lambs is heaps better than the film, or how about Billy by Pamela Stevenson about Billy Connolly. Great read.


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Iain M. Banks is loads better than Iain Banks! If I was Iain M I'd put a brick through Iain Banks window for going round writing books using the same name!

Having said all that the Crow Road is excellent.....


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I can highly recommend Swastika by Michael Slade. Another excellent novel from the horror/thriller writer. He combines WWII events with a modern day killer. Slade is one of the most underrated writers around.


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I can tell you what not to get - Ali Smith - The Accidental. Read this on holiday as it was the only thing left that I hadn't read.

Biggest load of **** I've ever had the misfortune to pick-up.

I hate starting books and not finishing them - in this case I should have made an exception.

I'd second the Kite Runner - pretty good.
Jonathon Coe - Closed Circle - follows on from The Rotters Club

On the Iain Banks comments above - Crow Road and Complicity are his best IMHO

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