Recommend me a 28" w/screen TV for about £400-500ish?


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As above, i need it to have at least 2x scart (1x has to be RGB at leastt the more the better!), s-video, take a pure NTSC signal, flat screen or a near to flat screen as you can get, i dont want a 100hz just normal, and above all a good quality picture!!!


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Good Luck, if you search the forums you will find this is a very common question, in the end I purchsed the JVC AV28T25 from Empire Direct for £450 ish. I am very happy with the set as are some others on here, however others consider the RGB picture to be dull.

If you can compare the TV's in a local store as whatever TV you pick you will probably find negative comments on this forum about it.


Best of luck!
I recently went through all this trying to get a new 28" widescreen.
I would agree with bobble and go and have a look in the likes of Currys/Comet and get and idea of what you are after,I spent about 2 hours in there one time turning over channels comparing pictures between 2 or 3 different sets.
In the end I settled on my first choice which was a Sony LS35 having owned several Sony sets in the past.
I might be wrong but I think the pure NTSC is 3.58,some of the sets I looked at claimed NTSC but it was 4.43,dont know exactly what the difference is but on an old Phillpis set I had which said it was NTSC compatable it was only 4.43 and the picture was black and white with region1 dvd's.


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I've just purchased the Panasonic TX28PL1 (although it's not been delivered yet :mad: ) - it has a very good write up in What TV & Video magazine and when I looked at the set in Currys / Comet I was very impressed with the picture quality.

My new Sony KV28LS35s arrived at my parents' house about five minutes ago... now I have to wait a whole four days until I can pick it up....:mad: :mad:

The picture on this set is amazing... cannot wait to get it back here and hooked up.


Best value set has to be Philips 28PW6515.
Excellent picture. Pure Flat screen with excellent geometry.
Virtual Dolby with 30w output and subwoofer.
Rotation control (un-like the JVC's).
Small and nice looking.
£459 from Comet Direct.
What more could you want.
Check out Sony as well also on offer at Comet!;)

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