Recommend home theatre streaming setup


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I'm planning on purchasing the Panasonic VT30 plasma TV and I want to start putting together a good setup for streaming 1080 videos, possible 3D SBS as well to the TV.

I currently have a PS3 with PS3 Media Server running on my computer. Unfortunately, my PS3 is connected wirelessly to the internet since having a wired connection would mean wires going across my room which I'm not to fond of.

Anyone have any good suggestions on what I should do? Should I:

1) keep using the PS3 and possibly get a powerline connection to speed up the 1080 streaming
2) get another dedicated media center such as Boxee or WDTV
3) setup an HTPC

What would I need to support FULL SBS videos (not half)? Should I get an integrated amplifier to have all the devices go through it and then have the amp connected to the TV? If so, will 3D SBS videos still work?

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