recommend ceiling speakers??......


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In my quest for multi-room audio I now need to identify some decent in-ceiling speakers.

Anyone got any recommendations for models I could look at?



KEF. i have fitted many of the Ci range they use the same Uni Q technology as there other speakers .They are very easy to install .and can be painted even come with a paint shield so you dont paint the driver.

1 make sure you have a good joist finder
2 make sure there is enough depth to fit a speaker If you can lift a board above do to have a look.
3 be very careful of mains and pipes
4 when cutting the hole wear goggles as plaster dust in your eye isnt nice.

If you just want back round sound you often need more spekers than you think.
For example if you want sound in a big kitchen and you put one speaker at one end of the room and another at the other end .when /if you have a party and you all end up in the kitchen all the chatter and bodies absorb the sound so in the middle of the room its not so loud so you turn it up .now the people under the speakers get blasted and people in the middle here it ok. now if you fitted four speakers you would get a nice background sound (and impedence is still ok for most amps if you wire it right)evenly spread This is quite different from the hi fi approach of speaker placement to get a good soundstage your not after that just good coverage.

Think of the speakers like spot lights you wouldnt normally put one at one side and just one at the other if it was a large room.

This is obviously over simplifying things but i hope it helps.


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Thanks for all the advice - I'll look into all of this.

On another point is anyone aware of a manufacturer who makes a steam/vapour proof speaker - as I'd like to put a couple of speakers in my bathroom?


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