Recommend approach to cooling cabinet and shelves w/AC Infinity fans


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I am currently planning to move all my components (a couple streaming devices, blu-ray player, amp, receiver, and ps4) into the enclosed spaces pictured in the gallery. I will need cooling to make this work, and I'm considering acinfinity fans, but I'm at a loss for what size and type of fans to buy to ensure adequate ventilation.

My highest priority is lowest possible decibels so that I can't hear the fans on low speed (ramped up cooling based on temperature isn't absolutely necessary for me if I can keep temps low to middle speed under heavy use) followed by flexibility in installation options for fans. I'm looking at acinfinity s2-s7 multifans since they seem to meet both those criteria.

My question is what do you folks think would be adequate size and number of fans for this space pictured?

There's two storage spaces I will be using. They're currently separated by two thick pieces of plywood, but there's a 2inch hole drilled out to allow for fishing wires between the left and right space. I plan to widen this hole significantly to allow for more air flow and cable management, and perhaps add a couple larger holes for fans to exchange the air from the right and left cavities. The space pictured on the right has a cabinet door that has a brown fabric grill in the front which would allow me to pull in air as an intake point at the bottom (if I can figure out how to attach a fan to the grill/door frame).

The left cabinet has shelving and vent holes drilled into the top. I figured I would put another fan to exhaust out the top from the inside.

I don't think I need much here, but sizing the right fans that are maximally quiet is proving difficult. I'm considering a pair of the multifan series fans in 120mm.

I was considering just getting a pair of s3 or s4 fans with speed controller and setting on low then monitoring temps. Worst case scenario I can grab the temperature sensor add on and allow the fans to adjust dynamically as needed, but I'm concerned about fan noise. I don't want to be able to hear these in an enclosed cabinet unless I'm running the ps4.

The cabinet also already has some shelves built in that have space cut out of the back for wire management. However, I need to ensure there's more airflow from bottom to top in the cabinet. So my plan is to cut a number of 2inch circular holes in the pictured shelves.

The shelves are very sturdy plywood that are about 1.5'' thick. So I'm not too worried about compromising the integrity of the shelf with multiple holes, but I do wonder if anyone has any recommendations for how many holes to put in each shelf and where to place them?









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