Recommend an installer in North East (Chester-le-Street)?


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I've recently upgraded my Sky+ multiroom installation to HD and now have a spare Sky+ box. I'm looking to set my folks up who already have standard Sky and subscribe to the sports package. Am I right in thinking that I need to arrange for an installer to install a quad LNB, run additional cable for 2nd feed and then pair their existing card with my old Sky+ box.

If that is the case can anyone recommend an installer who can carry out the work in the North East of England (Chester-le-Street nr. Durham to be precise). Additionally I'd be looking to have an additional RF feed piped to an additional room to connect to the 2nd RF out.

Could anyone suggest what sort of cost I'm looking at to get them up and going?




hi mate, there's a place at the bottom of chester that does installs, did mine and its fine. Next to o'brians newsagent and opposite the big crater where the market place used to be lol.

hope this helps


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It's 'TVS' down at the bottom of Chester-le-Street. Very sound company, I've used them at my place of work for installations, and have heard some good things about them from people who have had domestic installs.


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Anyone have any other suggestions 3 years on? Was hoping to use someone who used / supported the forum, but can't find any northerners about :)

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