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Hey guys.

Not really sure where this thread belongs.... (sports perhaps??) - Mods feel free to move if I have put it in the wrong place:blush:

So, I enjoy playing pool with a few friends, and we quite regularly go to Rileys snooker/pool club for a few hours each week. I have so far been borrowing a friends Riley branded cue, but would like to get my own.

I am not by any means a professional (even the thought makes me laugh if you saw some of the misses I have done haha) - it is more recreation than serious competitiveness etc - BUT I would like a half decent cue, and would like to keep playing to get better.

Looking to spend no more than £40-50 max if possible - and would like to order online. I have absolutely no idea what kind to be looking at - but I would like one that comes in at least 2 pieces and is nice and light.

Any tips/info for a good starter cue would be greatly appreciated:smashin::thumbsup:


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Are you playing American or UK pool? American pool calls for a much heavier cue with a larger tip. UK, a lighter one with a smaller tip. I wouldn't recommend buying online as a cue is all about the weight, balance and feel. Get yourself to a shop and find one that feels nice or if your club sells cues, ask to try a couple out. You should get something pretty decent for the money you're looking to spend.
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Rileys always have a cabinet with a selection of cues. Next time you are in there with ur mates ask them to let you have a game or 2 with a cue you like (have done this in the past)


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You also have the choice of maple or ash. Ash has a more pronounced grain. Interesting fact: part of the reason Stephen Maguire changed to a maple cue was that his stubble kept getting caught in the ash one's grain!


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What I would suggest is try a few out in the pool hall, and remember the weight that you like, they are usually in oz. I snapped my old cue (temper tantrum :rotfl:) and I asked one of the staff at my local pool club that repairs cues and he told me that it was a 19oz Ash cue, so I went online and looked for one that was the same and I liked the pattern :smashin:

Also got a Break/Jump cue to use for my pool table in the garage, that thing's a lot of fun :laugh:

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