Recommend a speaker package??


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Hi all, so far I've taken delivery of a Sharp 46" LCD and a Sharp BDplayer, I already have a Wii and also on the list is an Xbox Elite and possible Sky+HD.

By my calculations all I need now is an Amp/Receiver and a speaker package. My budget for the speakers is around the £400 mark, can people recommend a half decent one for around this price. I may be prepared to go a little higher? I will be mostly watching movies although I would like to listen to music through it too. My room is fairly small at 5m x 3m and the Tv is going on the end narrow wall.

I would like the speakers to be black and the front and centre ones ideally wall mountable and look okay next to the TV. Rear speakers can be floor standing or wall mountable.

Thanks in advance.



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Thanks Quantum, do these come with the stands and wall mounts or are they additional?


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Thanks for that Quantum.

Anybody have any other recommendations?


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you can a set of Acoustic energy neo's on Acoustic energy eBay shop

or you can do what i am doing and sourcing the tannoy mercury 5.1 system separately.

you can get floorstanders for £164 delivered at superfi
the F1 bookshelves or the TANNOY MERCURY FR CUSTOM for the rears for around £80 a pair and you can get the centre delivered for £56 from richersounds.

add to that a genie sub from BK and you are onto a winner for around £500


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Thanks, was having a look at the tannoys but I'm really looking for something in black!!

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