Recommend a software router/firewall?


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Hi all,

Since I need a 24/7 server for various things (automation server, monitoring server, file server, web server, etc), I am thinking about replacing my current 3Com standalone hardware router with a software router/firewall on the server.

This is because I found that most standalone routers are not flexible enough in their configuration, except some enterprise-level routers. And I can also save electricity by having everything on this low-power server instead of using multiple devices. Not to mention I will have complete control over it.

So can anyone recommend a good and reliable software router/firewall please? Preferably one that is open-source?
Years ago I used to use the Kerio WinRoute Pro (or something like that), it worked but was slow and unreliable.
I also tried the Windows ICS + Windows Firewall... yea it worked but is way too basic, and I'm not sure about their security either.

The server will be running XP, Vista, or Server 2003.
Sorry but please do not suggest Linux/FreeBSD/etc, as I *need* to use Windows for the automation software and IIS.

Any tips/advice/suggestions welcome.



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The way your thread reads it sounds like you are asking for either a router based firewall, or a software based firewall. CM has suggested a software based firewall ;)


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Sorry for not being clear.
What I am after, is a software-based NAT solution, with possibly an integrated firewall (I think all NAT solutions have firewall functionalities built-in).


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