Recommend a LIGHT 40"-42" LED TV for a Plasterboard wall


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Hi all,

Does anyone know of a good (thin and light) LED TV which will be able to go on a plasterboard wall without any issues.

The reason I would prefer it to be as light as possible, is because I know the TV mounts themselves can be quite heavy, but I'm after one which can swing the TV out away from the wall.

We have a funny shaped lounge and the sofa sits at a 45 degree angle from the TV so I want to be able to swing it right out.



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Would expect most LED backlit TVs to weigh about the same; have you found a suitable mounting bracket? What weight limit does it give?
I'd be concerned about swinging a TV mounted to plasterboard anywhere; a normal wall mount would have the force directed down into the plasterboard. Swing the TV out, and the lower mountings become a pivot, while the much higher force (force=weight*distance, remember) rips the upper mountings out of the plasterboard and dumps the whole lot on your floor, including half the wall.
Is there not something behind the plasterboard wall to anchor into? Breeze block/wooden stud, perhaps?
Regards, Iain.
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