Recommend a Graphics card that can output RGB or S-Video ?



I wish to upgrade my current graphics card to something with a little more memory and was looking at the Radeon 9600, does anyone have any advice on a card which has TV outputs preferably using RGB or S-video and offering decent quality pictures on a standard television.


The recommended has always been the Radeon 9600, but I just got one and it don't look too good to me.
The best solution is supposedly XCard.

Alex Simon

Without modding, the best TV-out is indeed Xcard - but you don't see your desktop on it. Instead you see the DVD output. You can also get some 3rd party 'media centre' applications for it. Joveplayer being the most mature.

Otherwise I think there is a mod for a cable to turn your VGA output into TV-compatible RGB. Have a search.

Hope that helps


Are you intending using the output to drive your main viewing monitor for movies etc?

If so, SVideo is really not up to it from a PC... it is useable for movies (nearly - you are unlikley to be happy) but totally crap for PC desktop/app use.

RGB will be better... as long as you are not converting it along the way back to SVIDEO or Composite.

Are you using a projector or a TV as your monitor from the PC?

If a projector, then use VGA or DVI. If a TV, then RGB...

No TV out card will really help you here - a std TV is not up to displaying the resolution you need.


I was really wanting it for playing online games, not for dvd viewing but RGB would be best, id take s-video as an alternative, i understand that 640x480 is the usual poor resolution when using your television with a PC (( used my last computer and quality was c r a p ))

Is there anyway to improve the quality, perhaps use my component inputs on my television as opposed to rgb ?

Anyone know what resolutions i can hope for when using RGB or S-Video or Component when connecting my PC to my television?

hopefully better than 640x480, for online gaming id settle for 800x600 although higher would be better, any links anyone can supply would be most helpful and appreciated, i will check this X Card out, my PC isn't ultrapowerful its merely an Advent 3110 with 512megabytes of DDram and the CPU runs at 1.74 GHZ, current Graphics card is a GeForce2 with 32megabytes of ram.


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you can output 1024x768 with virtually every card that has T.V-out to a PAL T.V.


But i assume it won't output 1024x768 unless the tv is capable of resolving the detail ?

Any info people can give much appreciated.


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its just downsampled to pal resolution, games look fine with tv-out

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