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Recommend a good mid-tower case


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Hi guys

Can you recommend a good mid tower case, nothing too flashy, something that keeps the components cool and quiet and wont break the bank.

Budget is around £70 max



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I've just bought an Antec 300. Good room, reasonable cable management, plain black. I like it, anyway.;)

I haven't had any experience with any others so can't give any comparisons, but it's well within your budget.


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A case that has strong handles on top so it can be lifted with one hand

such as the Cooler Master Storm Scout (My next case) :thumbsup:

will be much more useful to people who move their computer around a lot !

My Cooler Master RC-690 is a great looking case and value for money

but you need three hands to move it about !

Cooler Master Storm Scout case launched

Theydon Bois

Distinguished Member
I would also recommend the Antec 300

Antec 300 Three Hundred Black Case - No PSU - Ebuyer

I have the P180b and my mate wanted a case that was not quite so big, and I pointed that one to him, and he is buying it shortly. There is no PSU included though - you dont mention if that is part of your budget.


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Hi, I was also looking for a mid-tower 2 weeks ago. Three main options I came up with were the Coolermaster CM690 RC-690 / CM 690 - Coolermaster CM-690 V2 Dominator Black Midi Tower Case with Mesh Top Panel w/o PSU - Scan.co.uk, Coolermaster Sileo 500 Coolermaster Sileo 500 Black Mid Tower Case - Silent - w/o PSU - Scan.co.uk and Antec 300 THREE-HUNDRED EU - Antec Three Hundred Black Midi Tower Case w/o PSU - Scan.co.uk

CM690 and Antec 300 are the most popular atm. All three are very good cases but werent what I was looking for. Sileo only has 1 exhaust and the other two have too many exhausts (one on a side panel)

In the end decided to get a matx case when I saw the antec p180 mini going for only £55 on ebuyer. Its an excellent case, but maybe not what your looking for.



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another vote for the antec 300
coming from the apple mac world i personally think its the only good looking pc case out there :)


In own the cooler master CM STORM Scout... itz the biggest Mid Tower ATX Case on the market, ebuyer are the cheapest at around £70 when I bought mine not long ago.

Its 9Kg weight on its own, its lite for a case so big, has 3 intake air fans, coloured red with lights, however you can turn the lights of, on the front panel. Also on the side theres plenty room and holes foe 2x more 120mm fans. - Plus cable management system is brilliant, very tidy.

Seriously good case for the enthusiast, overclocker or gamer, as the case gets kick ass reviews buy all the respectable PC custom build websites.
The case is lovely to look at, and looks and feels more expensive than it retails at.

it has 4 USB and other fancy gizmo's on the front panel. I think its the best case Ive ever owned, because you don't even need a screwdriver as its screwless design it fabulous. see lots of video reviews on YouTube(dot)com thats where you can learn more.

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