Recommend a DVD player for an audiophile !


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hi all

Can anyone recommend me a new DVD player please?

I currently have a dead Harmony Kardon DVD25, one of the first progressive scan DVD players which sounded great as a DVD player. This indeed did sound great with CD playback, I bought it after a great review on here, albeit 10 years ago. I guess it has lasted well.

This is linked via component to a fab Arcam AVR300 amp, which sounds so open and honest, I can forgive it has no HDMI capability. It does switch component though, hence I use that.

Hence I need a DVD player that has component out, and sounds great on CD playback.

I was thinking of a used Arcam DVD135 or 137, which seem to go for about £130 on eBay. BUT are there any newer blu Ray players that sound good on CD use, and would rival an old Arcam DVD player?

Any suggestions will be considered. Budget is £150.

Thanks in advance!


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Yes there are but they cost more than that so used is probably your best bet.


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If the Harmon Kardon is completely dead it may just be a faulty component in the power supply and should cost considerably less than £150 to repair.
I'd suggest phoning around a few TV repair shops in your area and ask for an estimate.


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The HK was not totally dead; it had the standby LED on, but it would not power up. I bought an Arcam DV79 via ebay for £80 and it reminds me of my old Meridian 200/203 combo - super smooth and full of detail. A corking used buy, with an HDMI if ever I upgrade my pioneer plasma to a new TV with plenty of sockets! Recommended.

Thanks to all for your comments....


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Sorry ufitsy, I bought the Arcam.

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