Recommend a DSLR for my mother!

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My mum has been mentioning recently that she wants a better camera and that she is interested in learning more. She is in her 50's and has a little knowledge but not a great deal. However she does have a good eye for a composition and some of her photos with a compact look really good.
I want to get her a camera for Xmas and would spend around £250-300 in case she doesn't really take it up so I haven't wasted any cash.
What would you guys suggest is a suitable Digital SLR for her? I have done a quick bit of reading and the D40 looks to be popular and in the price range, would this be the right one for her?
I would imagine she will be taking photos of all sorts from landscapes to the dogs and more.
Thanks in advance.


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I think it would be difficult to beat the D40.. at the lower cost end for VFM

A Canon 400D if you can get it is kind of very similar but, the D40 arguably has a very good Jpeg processing making its "out of the camera" pictures impressive

Comparisons have been done to death with emotions mixed with fact..
I ( personally) think the Canon used shooting RAW and tweaked may get you better but Canons kit lens lets the side down: ( Flame suit comes on quickly! :rolleyes:)
Suffice to say I mention it because It would help if she holds either and prefers one over the other:)


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Interestingly on that site, unsuprisingly the 40D retains its crown as king of Pocket money DSLR, with the D 60 not much costlier
The 400D body only cost a little more than the newer 1000D
However even at £360 the 1000D with the kit lens ( with IS) is incredibly affordable and makes it hard for the better Non DSLRs to compete on price

As you say the Sony is very competively priced too
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I'm someone who had some knowledge of photography and wanted to learn more. I got the D40 and think its a great level entry DSLR. Had mine now about 18 months and learning all the time, not had any problems and love the pictures it takes.

Best she tries handling a few in the, to see what feels good to her.




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I would go with the D40 or Sony Alpha 200. Both get good reviews. The Canon 1000D doesn't seem to get great reviews, and appears not to be as good value for money. A Canon 400D would be good if found cheap enough. DSLR's are quite a person choice though, and I wouldn't have got one without holding it in my hands first. The photos in my flickr link below were taken with a D40. Most have had something done to them in Photoshop though... ;)


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There all much of a muchness :devil:, get to a shop get them all in her hands and i'm sure she'll pick one. If its a surprise...blind folder her :rotfl:

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