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Recommend a cordless vacuum


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Looking for a decent cordless for day to day cleaning of a large house with hard floors and lots of rugs! So ideally with one good multi surface floor tool as don't want to be forever swapping between tools.

Currently have a Dyson dc54 corded vac and a cheap Morphy Richard's cordless (just died)

Have so far considered a dyson v10 absolute and a eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity. However I think both these have dedicated hard floor and carpet tools and Dyson is expensive.

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For a large house with lots of rugs ,stick to a corded vac ( anything you fancy ) and use some cheap cordless for quick clean when you drop something ( cheapest and still somewhat usable is as funny as it might sound - cordless makita , bog standard 18 V battery you can use in any 18V makita tool too ). Unless you pay north of £ 500 -600 any cordless will simply be not good enough, and even then you can't do whole house on 1 charge and charging it daily will kill the battery. £ 100 cheap and cheerful Henry + £ 50 cradles akita for quick clean is much more reliable and longer lasting solution than the latest,the greatest, the most expensive cordless bells and whistles one....


I just replaced an old Dyson V7 with a Miele HX1 and amazing happy with that. It has three speeds and auto adjusts for floor type on 2 and 3. I dod t bother with the more expensive versions - all they add is batteries, per head or a seperate charger as they go up in price. The machine is identical. I’ve never had an issue with 20-30 minutes form the Dysons so this one is doing fine with one battery.

Just noticed you do t have the “runner” model we have over here. You have the one with one battery like I have, then the pet one that adds the pet head, then the one with a second battery and a second charger. We have those at the same equivalent price differences plus one at the same cost as the pet one with a second battery (no additional charger) instead of the pet head.

you can buy the batteries I suppose so they seem to have not bothered with that mode there.

Anyway we have cats and it seems fine with the head and simple tools provided. YMMV

They say it is as powerful as a corded (I think they reference their own C2 or C3...) - it is certainly way better than the V7. Much cheaper than the V11 and the OH and I decided to give another brand a go. I’ve had a Dyson stick vac since that first one.

much smaller bin than I was expecting - 0.5L compared to a V7 at 0.54L and the V11 is I think 0.75L. Outsize V11 is of course nearly 2L but that was simply too big and heavy IMHO. We vacuum frequently rather than letting it build up and the bin is fine. Not as “clean” to empty as the latest Dysons but again it is fine.

mot sucks ul bigger boys like cat litter, hair clips etc which the V7 wouldn’t. There is no daft plastic bar across the home at the back of the power head like there was on the V7 to jam with fluff!

I’m not a Miele fanboi by any stretch - first Miele thing I have bought for myself. Seemed to be the first Miele thing that offered value for money to ok me.

im happy with it - sure the V11 had snazzy displays etc. but I couldn’t justify the price.


. Unless you pay north of £ 500 -600 any cordless will simply be not good enough, and even then you can't do whole house on 1 charge and charging it daily will kill the battery
Not sure I agree.... I haven’t had a corded for over a decade and vacuum the whole house. If you leave a whole house for a week or two then the cordless needs a charge half way through. Cordless are a PITA IMO.

the batteries are of course killed by charging. They have a finite life determined by the number of charges and depth of each charge. Nowadays the tech means a battery lasts for a few years no problem. Modern battery tech has no memory effect.

with cordless I grab the cleaner almost every day and do a room. It takes a couple of minutes. The old thoughts on the differences are no longer true for the vast majority of modern cordless machines.


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The miele looks interesting looks like it has the multi surface tool I was looking for

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