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Recommend a cheap 1.4 amp anyone??


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Hi everyone,

I have just got rid of my Sony STR DG-910 as it was not compatible with my new 3d tv and to be honest I wasnt that impressed with the performance, all though it wasnt
the most expensive amp but I suppose it was a good allrounder. I had it hooked up to a V+ box, PS3 & Nintendo Wii. I was using Jamo A102's which I have kept as the missus likes the look of them!!

I've only have a max £300 budget and have seen the following:

Onkyo TXR308 £200
Pioneer VSX520 £250
Onkyo TXR508 £270
Sony STRDH810 £270
Yamaha RXV467 £270

Do any of you guys own or know the pros/cons to any of these and are there any I am unaware of?


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I'm intrigued, why did you think it was the amp and not the speakers or perhaps the combination of the two that was lacking? With the Jamos, I would be looking at Denon and Yamaha. Are you going to demo? Have you read through the Jamos thread in the speakers forum to see what others are partnering them with and why? Unfortunately these days, it seems everyone is too lazy to demo and simply buys everything online so how do expect to get an opinion on a comparison between them?


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What did you not like about the sound from the Sony? Jamo speakers are regarded as bright sounding speakers so may not pair well with your previous bright sounding Sony reciever. Hence moving to a warmer reciever like a Yamaha may give you a sound you prefer. Personally I would not go for the Onkyo 308 since it lacks auto set up. If you can go demo them and let your own ears decide but the Yamaha 467 is probably the safest bet if you can not.


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Thanks for the replies, I'd love to go and demo stuff before I put my hand in my pocket but I never get any time off work, Ive not had a day off this month and I am yet to find an audio store thats open 24/7! If you know of a store in the Reading area thats open after 7pm and before 8am please let me know??

I brought my Sony dg-910 after a lot of research on the internet and this website, which was my first amp, and for what I wanted at the time the jamos were perfect and seemed to be a common pairing with the amp. I can see exactly what you mean about the bright sound and I think your right theres wasn't much depth. Although There were times I though they sounded great but these were mainly when gaming on my PS3.

Anyway do you think I need more money towards the amp as my other half is adimant we keep the speakers?? I noticed that the yamaha has a 4ohm speaker resistance and my jamos are rated as 6ohm will this make any diffrence as I think the dg-910 was 8ohm and at the time someone said these ratings were ok together.

Thanks again for your replies.


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If you hurry, you can still pick up the Yamaha 667 for £350 as opposed to its usual £450, or even less with one of the retail partners for the forum.

See the 667 owners thread, but someone got another 15% on top of the £100 already knocked off making it £298 :thumbsup:

But I would agree with previous posts, sometimes its wiser to invest in new speakers rather than changing the amp, and demo'ing is recommended!


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The Yamaha wil have a switch to go between 4 ohms and 8 ohms. Most recommend keeping it on 8 ohms and it will be fine with the Jamo speakers. To be honest anything more than the 465 is rally going to be overkill with the Jamo speakers. The 667 is a good reciever at a great price but if you have no intention of buying new speakers in the future then I would save some money and get the 467 instead.
As a general guide the speakers should be 2 to 3 times the price of the reciever to get the best balance of sound. At worst I would go 1:1 but I would not put cheaper speakers with a reciever as a long term prospect. I would instead save the money and get a cheaper amp and then use the money towards saving for better speakers.


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Thats a pretty good price for that 667 though! I think I will go for that and sod the missus & upgrade the speakers too :laugh: maybe get the amp first though as at the moment I just gotta great big hole where my dg-910 was!!

I was always assumed that the amp would be where you put most of your money though as this is what does most of the work :facepalm:
Again I would love to demo before I brought but I just dont get the time, and the last thing I need when I get home is a trip to the shops even if they were open!!

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