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Recommend a Bean to Cup coffee machine


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I am looking to get a decent bean to cup machine for the office. Will probably be making approx 10 cups per day (maybe more if there are visitors) but it won't be hammered.

Looking to pay approx £500ish. I know I could get a decent espresso machine for that but in the office it's just not feasible to have to clean and go through the rigmarole of using full coffee setup.


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My experience is that most domestic bean to cup machines are cheaply made and don't last long in any sort of heavy use environment. 10 cups a day is quiet a lot for a domestic machine. The best recommendation I can make is to buy a schearer opal. Small Swiss made using commercial grade parts and with a Proper boiler. Might cost a bit more than the more readily available Italian and cheaper Jura machines but will last years if you look after it.


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We have a Gaggia Syncrony Digital which makes about 6 cups a day. It is now on it's 17509th cup. it has been repaired twice in all the time we have had it, at about £120 a time. I think 10 cups a day is border line for a domestic machine even if its just due to the small(ish) water tank they have and the need to empty the dregs drawer often which,by the way, nobody can be bothered to do! (rant over). I have heard that there are bargain commercial machines on eBay from failed cafes.

richard plumb

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what makes them so unsuitable compared to standard espresso machines? Surely the boiler/water parts are similar, the main difference is the grinder etc


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Ive had a Delonghi perfecta 5500 for 4 years now. Its done over 15000 cups now, well over 10 a day some days, other days none. You can pick them up on offer for £550 ish now

its been repaired/serviced once, when the water stopped getting hot enough - rang up, they collected within 24 hours, and returned it 48 hours later

the downside for getting a domestic one for me for office use, would be the emptying/filling of it ; usually the office ones have bigger water tanks (or plumbed in) and higher capacity waste bins


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The Jura Impressa is one of my favourites coffee machines these days :thumbsup: We have one at the office. I'm not sure how many cups does it make a day but I can assure you they are quite a few. I was checking if this machine can be bought online and I found a coffee supplier selling the Jura Impressa, perhaps you should check their site (http://********) as they have other coffee machines.

Good luck!:)
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Hello LovingCoffee & a warm welcome to AVForums.

The Jura Impressa coffee machine is available at many more outlets than the one you signed up to post a link to. This link I've removed, the OP was only asking for recommendations of a decent bean to cup machine for around £500 and not recommendations of where to buy on-line. The machine you recommend is over twice that price.

You say the Jura Impressa is one of your favourite coffee machines, can you tell us the other machines that are among your favourites & why?

We value your contributions to the forum & hope you enjoy being a member here.


richard plumb

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I've just ordered a delonghi 5400 from comet as they seem to be on offer in a few places- even cheaper than the lower 4200 model.

Will give it a try and post some impressions here when I get the chance.

went for bean to cup as I mainly need a good coffee when I'm in 'zombie mode' in the morning, so I don't want to be fiddling with grinding beans, measuring scoops and timing the

Ideally I just want something that'll produce a nice long americano - at a push I'm willing to put the hot water in myself but hopefully the steam wand can be used for hot water too. Avoided the capsule machines due to running costs (capsules are expensive)

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