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Personally I think that the Kata camera bags are the best - most comfortable, best build quality.

Take a look here for a selection of bags.

I've got one of these. Other people like the Lowepro Orion Trekker 2 and Slingshots.


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I have the baby slingshot, the 100AW and it takes DSLR plus 17-70 lens, telephoto zoom 70-300, 50mm prime, all in the main body, plus 'folded' Sigma flash in the top pocket. Tight squeeze though and not much extra room for spare batteries, filters, etc.


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Can't make my mind up between the 200 and rasputin's , it will be one or the other unless...... someone finds another option :) Thanks all


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I have an Orion Trekker II and a Kata R-103. The Kata is superior in every way. For less kit, I think there is an R-102 or R-101 (and possibly various other rucksack type bags by them). I got mine from Morris Photo, which was the bestest price I could see at the time (and it came very quickly).

It's _extremely_ comfy, and very well made.


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I'd say a Kata 102/103, a Slingshot 200, the new Lowepro Flipside, or that new backpack version of the slingshot.

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