Question Recommend a 4k HDMI Switch


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as title...

ive got a 5 port HDMI switch from amazon that seems to work but for some reason falters on the older sky hd box...

so currently i have

LG B8 OLED > Samsung q90r Sound bar

amazon switch > sammy Soundbar

sources are...

Sky HD box (flickers and i lose screen - looks like a handshake issue)
PS4 Pro - giving me 4k (or playstations version of it anyway) no problem
Panasonic UB820 UHD player - giving me full HDR/Dolby Vision/Atmos with no problems
Apple TV 4k - giving me HDR/Dolby Vision/Atmos no problem.
Ninty Switch no problem
Playstation Classic (ran out of hdmi ports so not had chance to test yet)

its just annoying that the device that requires less bandwidth is being a pain - any suggestions..?



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would this cover everything do we think?

Can’t see any mention of it supporting HDR?

Maybe that’s covered by something else but might be worth looking into.

The last time I bought a hdmi switch it was an Octava one which I got for my Sonos playbar. Worked really well but might not have enough inputs for your needs



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