Recommend a 200mm PC fan please


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My Cooler Master A20030-07CB-3MN-F1 PC fan has started to get noisy after 10 years of service, so time to get a replacement. Can someone please recommend me a new one? I'd like an LED fan, good air flow and needs to be quiet. My old fan was quiet enough but unfortunately I can't find any info on its dB to compare any new ones with.

Specs of old fan needing replacement:
Model: Cooler Master A20030-07CB-3MN-F1, DF2003012SELN
12 volts DC
0.30 Amps
3 pin black/white/red connector
Size 200 mm



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These days you can assume any consumer fan (which includes everything that lights up) will be quiet. There's little interest in high speed fans in the consumer space anymore.

If you want absolute silence you may need to be a bit more choosy, but that's not usually required.


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True, but are LEDs really required for a fan?


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True, but are LEDs really required for a fan?
depends on the build, most gaming cases use LED fans or more likely RGB as they have clear panels.

If you want RGB then you will need a compatible controller, either on the motherboard or a plug in one and obviously a compatible fan. If you just want LED then you have more choice.

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