Recommend a £400 or less camcorder


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Feb 23, 2004
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Hello, I have no idea about cameras and it will only be used for home movies hence the very small budget.

I would also like to do video editing on my PC.

so which camera do you guys recommend?
I have a Sony TRV245 and am very pleased with it. I only make home movies of my 3 year old and it is perfect for that. Have had it almost a year with no problems. It is a digital 8 format camera and cost about £300 from Amazon. The only function that the TRV245 doesn't have that I needis DV-in; the TRV250 is exactly the same as mine but also has DV-in. This was £50 more at the time I bought mine. You can probably get them both much cheaper now.

I'm sure others will recommend other cameras and will probably just do what I've done and reccomend the camera that they've bought.

Good luck with your search
You can pick up a Panasonic NVDS60 for about £330 now, which is what I've got. I've not tried all the similar cameras on the market but this one does me good. It's (really) small for the price, good quality, easy enough to use and for the money I don't think you're gonna get much better but as the previous person said, most people are going to recommend their own anyway...

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