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So I am in the process of planning a TV wall which will also have a (eventually when funds allow) drop down projector screen in our family room.

The TV wall is to be placed in the family area within the extension we built last year. The room is pretty light due to sky lights and large windows as you can see in the pictures. It is our main room that we use most of the time.

TV will be for main viewing and then expect the projector use for cinema nights etc once funds allow (next year most likely). I know that we will probably need to look at black out blinds etc for projector nights/days if there is too much light, but that i will try to tackle down the road.

As you can see from the sofa layout, there will be some angled viewing so I guess this also needs to considered also.

From a budget perspective, I'm looking at less that £1600 ideally preferably. Hopefully going to try and purchase an 2018 model before they are fully replaced with 2019. However, I am open to suggestions if I need to increase my budget to accommodate a more suitable set.

I've identified the Samsung UE75NU8000 and seeing them approximately at my price range. We have a Samsung 55KS7000 in our formal lounge and think its great set especially the interface. I also have a Sony KD49XE9005 in our bedroom which is brilliant quality set but the interface is painfully slow at times. Are the new Sony setups face the same interface issues?

The sources will be:

Netflix: 20%
Freeview: 50%
Blu Ray: 20%
PS4: 10%

Look forward to your valuable inputs.



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You can look at this two ways really, the best LCD TVs in terms of picture quality direct in front are not the best at an angle. You cannot achieve the best blacks, contrast and screen uniformity from a LCD TV whilst also retaining good viewing angles.

But you already own two TVs that are notoriously bad with viewing angles, so if you are happy with how they look to the side in your current seating then it will be no different with the Samsung 75" NU8000.

If however you want a TV that looks more similar to the side as it does head on, you'd need to look at different TVs altogether.

It will be made easier to make a choice first by narrowing down the panel you want on the TV, are you happy with the viewing angles on your current two models? If so, the Samsung is a very good buy.

It looks from your pictures attached that you will be viewing about 4m from the TV, certainly at this distance a 75" model would be your best bet for your usage but it may be too small at that distance to notice much of a difference between UHD and FHD, although I'm sure eventually your projector will handle most UHD sources.


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The viewing angles on both the samsung and sony i'm reasonable happy with, more so because it would'nt be ever sitting at those angles in the first place!...I would have the prime position.

Should I consider LG75SK8100PLA which I have managed to get at approximately the same price as the samsung?

Or just to throw another angle on this, the LG 65B8 OLED TV I can also manage to get for a similar price, but i'm also going down in size.


Should I consider LG75SK8100PLA which I have managed to get at approximately the same price as the samsung?
Its using an IPS panel so should only be considered if you want wide viewing angles, it seems like you don't need them from your last reply.
Or just to throw another angle on this, the LG 65B8 OLED TV I can also manage to get for a similar price, but i'm also going down in size.
I wouldn't go smaller at your viewing distance but smaller would mean you get a TV with much better overall picture quality plus you'll get better HDR too which the Samsung NU8000 is only average with.

Its up to you whether you go for a bigger screen or smaller, going bigger means you can't afford great HDR whilst going smaller means you can. I wrote about that here: Size matters


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Thanks for the link..interesting to read and is what i'm going throught.

I'll stick to 75" and I think narrow it down to the following:

Samsung UE75NU8000 - Approx £1600
Sony 75XE9005 (2017 model) - Approx £1700, very local seller, 4.5 years sony warranty remaining in excellent condition (TV just been replaced by Sony and remained unused).

However, I note that the 75XF9005 (2018 mode) is still selling new at around £2300 but this is out of my price range so was looking around for nearly new for same or similar model. From what I have read there is very little difference between XE9005 and the newer XF9005.



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XF has Dolby Vision. How important that is is for you to decide.

Not all warranties are transferable so look at it in detail before going further.


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Thanks, so speaking with the other half we decided that we could up the budget. So we have now £2500 :)

So now potentially looking at

Sony 75XF9005
Samsung 82NU8000

What are thoughts between the two??


Sony 75XF9005 is preferred if you want better HDR, it has local dimming and higher peak brightness so it can separate light bits from dark in pictures better. The Samsung is only average in this respect.

On the other hand the larger Samsung 82NU8000 has better smart TV, HDMI connectivity and the larger size is nice for watching higher quality sources like UHD and also for more immersion from a larger screen.


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Well made the plunge and went for the Sony 75XF9005 from Crampton and Moore. They did me a good deal and I’ve purchased from them before.

In the end, HDR and motion is important to me and even though more expensive than the Samsung 75NU8000. Next offering from Samsung is the Q6 but that was another £500 and from what I understand is still not as good as the Sony.

Thanks to everyone for all the advice given.

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