Recommed a digital photo frame ?


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hi all,

for some time now i've been in the market for a 'good' digital photo frame.

Who better to ask, than the photographers of the forum !

So.. my requirements:

- 7-9"
- Classy design.. vs the cheap plastic tat that most of them look like
- ideally branded
- HDMI output
- Remote control
and of course.... GOOD colour reproduction

So gave up, until recently i discovered the Sony DPFV900B which looks pretty good - though pretty expensive. I'm in the US next week, so may pick one up on the US Peso instead :)

Can anyone recommend anything else i should consider?


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Philips frames are good, they automatically fit the picture to the widescreen size with the minimum of chopping. I have one for a couple of years which has been reliable and just bought another one this year (currently £60 on Amazon as the newer model is out).

They don't do HDMI output though or have a remote control. I just leave them on random with various transitions and they are class.


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I never intended to buy one (doesn't seem a very green thing to have, if I have friends over my music is played off my PC anyway so I run a picture screensaver anyway) - but was given a Toshiba one for Christmas and it's excellent. I've never seen one with anything like a good screen until this and this has no screendoor effect, lines, anything. And it's extremely bright on top brightness. 7", nicely made and weighted, think it's resolution is 800x480 or something like that. It takes CF, SD, MMC and others. Plus it has 16MB of internal memory, which doesn't sound much but if you make the effort to resize copies of your photos to the frame's native resolution you can get a lot on there.

Think it's this Tekbright model

So that ticks most of your requests... except a) it doesn't have a remote. But will you really use one? and b) HDMI output? I don't understand, why would a photo frame have an output??


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Thanks for the replies...

I did in the end, go for the Sony.

As for, 'why want HDMI'..... well, this way, the wife can put the photos directly on the plasma, without needing any other device... which in turn, explains why a remote is useful (I've since programmed it into my universal remote).

I highly recommend the frame, for anyone else looking.


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