Recommand me a hard disk media player?


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Im after a hard disk enclosure to put a 1tb sammy into.

Needs to have the following:

Link up to PC via usb(wireless would be good too)

Link up to TV to playback content.(controller)

Ability to record tv/sky would be good but not essential.

Must be able to have files sorted out, (some dont allow u to store files in your own folder system)

Must be of decent quality.

Lots of connections lots of format capability

Some good reliability, dont want the hd getting messed up if it gets turned off etc.

i saw this icybox one:External Cases

But i have zero knowledge on these things so need ideas and recommendations, thanks


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Whats the file system like? im hoping to split movies/music etc by genres so i can organise them exactly how i want, jsut wnat something that works like a normal hard disk file system


What's your budget? as you can pay anything from £35 to £700 and you do, to some degree, get what you pay for. First off .. Hi-def now,
or very soon? If not then your budget can be a lot lower.
2nd) what sort of formats?
3rd) what sort of TV?
4th) any special needs? wireless .. steraming.. sky.. bittorrent.. NAS.. slingbox.. WHS... itunes.. Album art... mastroska..
dvd images networkable No chinese companys No danish companys No belgian companys (damn Belgians!):hiya:

I'm juggling between tvix m3100u and the Popcorn Hour (and available funds) :cry:


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the freecom 450 will display them in what ever files you put them in and you could name the files what you want and put albums in them. it just works like windows explorer sort of


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What's your budget? £200 ish depends on whats in it
Hi-def? Not that bothered
What sort of formats? All the usual ones xvid divx m4 etc etc etc etc..
What sort of TV? 22inch tv/monitor
4th) any special needs? basically what ive already


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If you need MKV support then there is no other route then the Popcorn Hour or Dvico Tvix series.

Otherwise, except for the HD which wasn't important for you, I would advice the Tvix series.
They work as a normal hard drive, just create you folders and manage your files like you would do on a PC.
They support ALL file formats, video and audio.
But....they are on the more expensive side, you do get something that is worth every €$£.


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Hey can i get some more help with this? got my pc sorted now and need this to go with...

Ideally i dont want to spend more than about £100

Must take 1tb sata hard disk i have.
USB (2.0 preferably).
Must play Xvid and divx.
Must have a good file storage system not just one big folder.

Thats the main things i need. Nothing else is important dont need to stream, wireless would be great but not essential. Wont be using hd content. The popcorn looks nice , but out of my budget really. and id ont need half the features..

Will be linked to a samsung t220HD monitor/tv and to my pc.
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