Recomended Accustically Transperant screen in the UK?


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Sorry about all the posts, I'm getting there :)

Ok so now a Screen...
I'm looking for an AT screen at around 126" (total screen size, including assembly, buttom bar etc. I'd like an electric and tentioned one that I can mount on a wall/ceiling. If costs allow I'd like a custom size but if not I guess a 120" will be fine. Everyone seems to recomend grandview screens, happy to consider otehr options.
Due to Brexit I'd rather buy stock in the UK.

Lastly, the projector is an Epson 9400, in a rather dark room that I can control, not sure which screen color is best, white or grey? Some people say this projector has issues with black.

Thank you!


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Grandview is available here from UK sources.

Good bang for buck screens too.


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The difficulty is the tighter the weave / smaller the perforations, the less Acoustically Transparent the become.

You are looking for the 'perfect storm' of options, Electric, Tab Tensioned, AT and by the look of it an 4k or even 8k weave / perforation (technically just a tighter weave)

Each of those push the price higher.


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This might not be the answer your looking for.... The last screen I had I wanted electronic, in the end i really didn't find it too much of a pain to just pull the screen down and saved a heap of money ( and didn't need to do wiring ). Living with a pull down screen really isn't bad... Third world problems eh !


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I have Epson 9000 series with woven screen from Elite (direct from manufacturer). Perforated screen is fine alternative as long as you have enough space between centre speaker and screen, probably minimum of 12 inches. I didn't have that much space so I got a woven screen and I'm very happy with it.
I choose not to get a grey screen as I want to keep as many lumens as possible, partly for 3D films, but mostly for the visual pop. I suggest you get a sample of a grey screen and hold it in front of your projector to see what difference it makes. A/B tests are easy between your front runners.

If you get a woven screen, be careful it doesn't create moiree patterns. Unless you get an expensive material that is cut on an angle, you might see moiree interference. Again, each manufacturer is different so get a sample and put it in front of the projector.

If you really want to have a bit of 'fun', look at the different screen samples under a magnifying glass, or ideally under a microscope. You can see how each weave is different and the size of the openings.

You might think that a more open weave is better for audio transparency but remember that open weaves allow more light to go thru the screen rather than back to you. Most manufacturers specs are understating the amount of light loss. You should consider a black surface behind the screen (my Elite screen had a black felt background) to minimize reflections back to you e.g., off the speakers.

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