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Hi guys

The other 1/2 bought a PS2 for herself last Xmas but has now got bored of the games that she has with it (Final Fantasy X, Jak & Dexter (the first one) and some odd game)

Unfortuantly I am really not into the whole gaming thing but was hoping that you guys could recommend some games. The sort of things she seems to like are:

RPG - as long as the combat is turn based - whilst she enjoyed FF she felt there was a bit too much video which was particulary annoying when it couldnt be skipped

Platform/Adventure - very much liked Jak but didnt like the idea of the 'guns' in the sequals - did play a more pure platform like Crash Bandicote but didnt enjoy the lack of plot and the bits that were just fiddly (trying to jump over the same barrel 30 times)

Games ideally should be fairly easy but not the sort of thing to finish in a weekend.


Many thanks


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Not an owner myself but it sounds like she needs a Nintendo Gamecube for the less 'violent' games. Mario would be right up her street methinks.
Most PS2 adventure games will have weapons and as for turn based fighting AFAIK Final Fantasy is the main game for this type of fighting. I personally am not aware of any other titles that have that type of gameplay??
Someone more knowlegeable will assist on that one.


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For an RPG, maybe try Kingdom Hearts - it's by Square (FF peeps) but used Disney characters also (can't imagine Mickey with an Uzi).

Maybe something like Ico would be a good choice of game, or for a platformer, you can get the Sonic collection

Gaming taste varies - I know one particular lady that loved Devil May Cry - plenty of shooting, violence and platforms. But maybe those will be worth a shot?


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How about Ratchet + Clank, supposed to be a good-fun platformer, or maybe one of the many Spyro games out there.


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of coarse there is the option of the ps1 rpg games to get hold of, too final fantasy 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 and breath of fire, alundra for a zeldaery feel, lots to choose from, back to the ps2, breath of fire dragons quarter, final fantasy x2, final fantasy 12 is about soon too.

ico is an interesting and intrigueing platformer, maximo 1 and 2, worms??,

Games ideally should be fairly easy but not the sort of thing to finish in a weekend.

A lot of games other than role players are like that im afraid, depending on expierence of the gamer.

If i think of any more I'll let you know.



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many thanks for all your suggestions - did hire Kingdom Hearts from a shop & she enjoyed it until it got too reliant on being able to make long/quick jumps (though she is getting better at that sort of thing)

Vilolance itself isnt a problem, being very good at using a joypad/ having quick reactions using one is which is why when fighting scenes are done by turn is best - plent of time to find the O button etc.

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