Recomendations on a 4K monitor .

norman bates

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I'm after buying a 4K monitor for my son for Christmas but not sure which to go for he's wanting it for gaming , 4K playback , photos etc I have a budget between £300-£400 and size wise no less than 28" so any recommendations would be grateful as there's quite a few out there with mixed reviews .


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Above 28" is a slightly awkward size for 3840x2160. It's a bit big to use it with the ideal 2x scaling, assuming normal viewing distances, but too small to use it 1:1 (you want 40"+ for that). I appreciate the proper resolutions for those sizes aren't available yet though so if that's the route he wants to go down that's fine.

Does his graphics card support Adaptive Sync ('Freesync')? If so then I wouldn't consider a monitor without it which cuts your choice down to two or three models. It may be worth going for such a screen anyway, if he wants to game at that demanding resolution he'll probably be needing to keep up with the state of the art and buy another high end card in two or three years.

norman bates

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Thanks for the reply I'm not sure about his graphics card I would have to check so would you recommend buying a good 1080p one instead

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