recomend me a case

hello another thread by reeve lol.

so i was hoping someone can recomend me a case to replace my gmc corona r3. this is a superb case except the biggest fans it will take is 80mm.

so i need a case that has places where a minimum of 4 120mm fans can be placed. at least one on the rear.

a side window (to take advantage of a water cpu cooler that hasa lcd display)

and generally looks decent, not to concerned with drive bays, minimum of 2 3.5 and 2 5 1/4.

but needs to be less than £50 including postage.


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Are you looking for a brand new case? with watercooling you looking to fit the rad inside the case ? if so what size is it?

Think your budget is a bit tight really to get a good case.
thanks for reply, yeah rad is to go inside, there will actually be 2 water cooling systems to be installed.

one is a 120mm fan cooled rad for the cpu
second will be 120mm fan cooled rad for gpu and ram and northbridge
how about this?
Thermaltake V9 VJ40001N2Z Black Mid Tower Case with.. |

consdering i want to install 2 seperate water cooling systems.

one is the coolit domino alc

other will be thermal takes system that sells for about £80

reason for having two systems is one, its a little cheaper for two decent systems and also theres the whole benefit from better dissipation.

its a little over budget but think it will be worth it


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Ok main problem will be the size of the top fan is 23cm will not fit your rad? and does not have a window if you were to put one in your self you would have to get rid of the side fan. also i can problems with mounting a rad to the removable side pannel.
i will be modifying the side panel to have a latch and hinges anyway, should have mentioned that.

i will be installing a window on it myself and so can relocate the side fan locations and add a grill for it.

its a lot of hastle and work but er yeah would be worth it i think.

the top fan would be there purely to draw air into the case. (if i have it on at all, depending on its noise)

the coolit would be installed in the rear of the case, the thermal take rad would be installed on the modified side panel.

that sound good?


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Dont know weather you would concider it but you could do something like


Where the top has been modded to fit the rad. ( My rig).

it looks like there is alot of space in the case i linked to so should be good for mods.

i can always remove the top fan and make adjustments there to accomodate the rad, without actually having them both her einfront of me its kinda hard lol.

the window i want in the side doesnt have to be massive, just big enough for the coolits lcd display to be visable so i may not even have to relocate the side fans as its basicaly an inch deep by 1.5inch wide. so if i get the case install that rad line the side panel up i can go from there.

can you recomend a case within that same price that would be better?


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i would mount the rad on the back of the case, loads of fans inside means more dust.

whats the point of watercooling the machine and still have it sound like a harrier taking off with all them fans :D

just a thought
i intend to remove as many fans as possible.

only fans i really want going will be the water cooling rad fans, maybe the top fan if i keep it so that when its under load the cooling gets a little boost.


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i would mount the rad on the back of the case, loads of fans inside means more dust.

whats the point of watercooling the machine and still have it sound like a harrier taking off with all them fans :D

just a thought

You still need an airflow through the case to keep stuff like hard drive and ram cool. so i would advise keeping a front and back fan. if you put a filter on the front intake fan it can actualy help reduce dust by keeping the air flowing.

As for a case suggestion if your happy to add a window i like this would be a lot better.

Coolermaster CM690 Dominator Black Mid Tower Case - No.. |
a good solid case but not to my...asthetic pleasings. thats the difficulty with cases being recomended, or recomending them lol.

the hdd's and ram will also have water blocks to keep the chilly so im not really overly concerned with fans lol.

as said though, the cpu will be on one system and the hdd's ram and gpu's on another.

in what way is that one better than the one i linked to?

(kind of so i know more of what to look for and not as an insult, just curious over the pros and cons of them compared)


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Its a bigger case which will make it easier to watercool , better build quality , easier to work with and can fit more fans.

Its looks better than the pics show.

Just Remember if the case runs hotter with out fans so will the whole systems as thats where the rads will get the air from.

Are you planning on running all that on the 2 120mm rads?
to be honest im not entirely sure.

i know the cpu will have its own rad because the coolit domino is an all in one unit.

until i actually have the case, everything installed and the domino installed and window made for it im not sure how many rads i'll put in, probably going to need more that one rad because 2gpu's and ram modules give of so much heat it would quicky become detremental to the health of the system.

i am also kind of limited on how big the case can be
how about this one?
Antec Six Hundred Case Review | Case Mod Blog

it has a 200mm top fan

room for 120mm rear fan (good for coolit domino)
side 120mm fan
room for 2 120mm fans on the front grill bezel which means i can add a dual 120mm rad for rooling the ram and gpu and hdd's and then a fan on the side to imrpove airflow inside along with the top fan

the front bezel also has a removable, washable fan filter which is a nice touch as i use fan filters on my current case, althought the detract from air flow a little its better that loads of dust.

also it has room on the bottom for a SSD to be fitted using spare room on the floor of the case, comes with silicone grommets for this too, hich is a nice touch

im thinking about this because it lokos like a decent entry level wate rcooling kit.
looks easy enough to add in extra parts like ram blocks, hdd's blocks and changing the cpu block for a gpu block, probably the zalman reserator gpu block

only thing i really need advice on for water cooling is what liquids, additives to get and where from? lol
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I know you are trying to do this on budget but i think you need to rethink a few thinks. I just dont think the systems are going to cool your system aswell as you think.

The pumps dont have the best flow rate and thats not going to be best for cooling as much as you want to cool.

120mm rads is no where near big enough for what your planning.

With two graphics card on the same loop with out a rad in the middle one will run hotter than the other not good for overclocking.

With out the airflow going through your case its going to get hot and if your blowing the air from the case it will make everything hotter because you do not want to blow the hot air into the case.

You are also going to need a big case I have a silverstone tj-03 which is huge which i am replacing because its not big enough
no overclocking intended.

gpus arent putting out as much heat as high end ones, thy are pny geforce 210.

the air isnt being blown into the case, cold air is yes, but hot air will be vented OUT of the case.

the rads fans will be blowing air OUT of the case and the big fan on top will be sucking in cold new air

i did mention that a double 120mm rad would be installed in the front and that still leaves room for one on the side, nice thing bout that shiny window? makes it even easier to add another fan and grill.

i dont have room for a massive case.

that last one, thermaltake 600,, its as big as i can go and as expensive as i can go, otherwise everything else goes out the window.

spend lots on case to add watercooling, okay fine, heres my problem, spend loads on a case and cant aFFORD water cooling. which is needed because fans are not doing thier job well enough.

so im sorry, but the thermaltake 600 is probably going to have to do and i will have to make it do, as for the rads not being big enough, what do you suggest i do then? i can only add 3 to that case. maybe add one more larger one in the middle of the window but again its money i dont have adding a 4th larger rad.

maybe suggest a kit that would be more adapt at handling it?

the coolit is not negitiable. already commited to buying it from a member on here.

also no information about the liquids? would be nice someone?

also very sorry if all that sounded bitchy, just came from having my rear end handed to me on a silver platter on section 8 because teamates are patheticaly weak at teamwork lol
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i wont be buying an i7 block.

the coolit domino comes with an i7 block on it already.

i need a kit to cool hdd's gpu and ram modules.

that kit doesnt look to bad though to be honest.

will it be okay to add 2 gpu blocks, up to 6 ram blocks to it?

might rethink water cooling hdd;s as thier blocks are WAY to expensive
remember that the cpu is on its own system and so the second system wont be cooling the cpu
okay, only thing i cant get info on for that kit is the resevior

i think i'll go with the thermaltake 600 case and get the dimino installed.

then start to buy in those parts from the kit you linked to and install them gradually (but not the blocks until its all ready for them lol) stretch it out a bit so its not a big chunk at once.

im going to add an extra 120mm rad eventually to the kit so that it can handle the extra heat loads once the ram has been upgraded.

not going to water cool the hdd's but will be using that kit for the ram, 2gpu's mofset.

should do nicely, going to add in a 5.25" thermal monitor. if i get it right it'll monitor the ram temps gpu temps and mofset temps hopefully lol. dont need it to monitor the cpu as domino will do that for me hehe
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lol figures. thanks for ur input joe.

i do appreciate it. thanks given
as im going to be buying the water cooling gradually i've decided to increase my budget for it all.

which basicaly includes 2gpu blocks, 6 ram blocks, a higher flow rate pump, pipe clips and all sorts of stuff lol

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