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Recomend a new 7.1 setup for £1,000-1,500?


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Well looking for a new set of 7.1 speakers.

Budget £1,000 to £1,500. Including any extra stands but not cables.

Prefer a good pair of floor standers for the stereo fronts and a 4 small stand or wall mount satellites for the rears.

Thinking about the KEF KHT3005 set for the 5 satellites front sub etc and adding a couple of floorstanders for the fronts.

Any suggestions recommendations?:lease:


are you after style speakers, descrete speakers or full size speakers. Quad system speakers 11L, 21L, 12L, centre and 22 are all half price at your local dealers. these make an exceptional system - 5* what hifi award winner a couple of years back and still strong in todays market especially for the price. mine sound glorious.


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I auditioned the Monitor Audio BR5AV (BR5, BRLCR, BRW10, BRFX) set a while ago, and had an opportunity to compare the MA against the Kef KHT3005 5.1 set. This was through a Denon 1907 receiver.

As a 5.1 set the Kef's are a bit bright, although a decent pair of mains could correct this. I was impressed by the sub though.

Based on that audition I chose the MA speakers, I ended Up buying them online as I got a far better deal.

I ordered a set consisting of BR6, BRLCR, BRW10 and two pairs of BRFX making a 7.1 system. This sytem can be had within your budget at retail, but I got the lot for $1255 including a load of speaker cable and a sub cable! :clap:

I chose the Pioneer VSX-1016 to power this lot.

So far, I have only set up the system as 5.1; I invited a few friends around to watch Star Wars Ep1, I was well impressed by the sound :D

I've now got all 4 BRFX's on the wall and can't wait to try the full 7.1! :thumbsup:


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I have plenty of room for the fronts so they can be full size but the less space for the rears, so really looking for small sat type rears, mordaunt short genie, kef egg, type as examples.

Would be nice if the fronts and rears matched style wise.

Monitors look nice but the rears are bulkier than I would like and I don't really want wood finish.


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Style wise, what about the KEF 5005.2? I have the .1 version and am very impressed with them. the sub is ample too. You can mount the fronts on the floor stands, and the rears either on stands or on the walls.
Apparently, they are a mark above the predecssors so should sound very good indeed. They also look pretty sleek imo. The KEF KIT 200 uses the same speakers but is an all in one system. Recent reviews reckon it looks and sounds excellent.


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Well would prefer some proper floor standing fronts but leaning towards 7.1 of the mordaunt short genies, listened to the 5.1 and they were superb.


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Gotcha.... You will get all sorts of advice and recommendations but you should just go for what sounds good to you. If the MS lot does it for you, then go for it....

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