Recomend a 19" LCD Monitor


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You might not play games but DVD's can also be fast paced, you'll notice any ghosting just as much as watching a fast paced film as playing a game.


Have a look here and see if there are any that tickle your fancy, if you have DVI output on your graphics card I suggest you look for a screen with a DVI input to get the sharpest image. A response time of 16ms or less would be ok but for the best viewing you should ideally be aiming for about 12ms otherwise fast moving obejcts on a hig contrasting background will look kinda of blurry on the trailing edges. Peace out!


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I just bought a 19" Acer AL1913W widescreen TFT monitor for £160+vat. I don't think it is a fantastic monitor but it is very good value and seems to perform very well. It has a 20ms response time which I believe is not all that great.


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Almost a year ago I paid £320 for my 17" 12ms Hyundai Imagequest Q17+...2 weeks later is drops to £250...Depsite dry-humping my wallet those many months ago its still my baby :)


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I am now concidering the Acer AL1951AS which I hope to get for £200

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