Reciva Shutting Down and The Future Of Station Databases.


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Anyone affected by Reciva shutting down here's a thread for you all.

These first few months of 2021 feel like tremors.

I'm heavily invested in terms of energy in seeing the Community Radio Browser gain more usage. The upside of this is that you can host the database yourself locally. Should the service go away it would be possible to back up the entire database and issue a software update to radios to lookup a local domain.

What are you guys doing with radios that are affected? Can you switch to bluetooth / aux in or is it time to invest in a new radio?


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Hi all,

if you have a Cocktail Audio X10 (as I do) or a X12, you won't have streaming radio services any more. I contacted Cocktail Audio and asked them for a firmware update and got the following reply:

"It's a pity that X10 has discontinued the very old model, so we could not update firmware of this model.

You are recommended to purchase our new model like X14."

So, naturally I asked what will happen when the X14 is discontinued - no reply. I asked for the source code so I could write my own aggregator update - no reply.

So, when your Cocktail Audio device is discontinued, you are screwed. They do not support their own legacy products. Serves me right for being an early adopter, I should have known better. My advice is, in future, spend a little more and buy a device from a reputable manufacturer.


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Geeeez, they ain't cheap either.

I have a DLNA solution involving a Linux box or Raspberry Pi using gStreamer plugins for Rygel. Be great to get feature requests. I'd like to hook it up to the community radio browser. Maybe even ping this to the Shortwave developers to say hey look you guys have a great station manager, what about DLNA broadcast?

Writing our own services seems to be the way forward. Ocean Digital are doing some great stuff with having an onboard web server on the device so that you can in theory post to a form to add a station.
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