Reciever for a newbie..



Hello all..

Well, it actually started with an order for Panasonic SC-DT300, since it was an all-in-one system, which would probalby be the easyest for me..
But since it had a fault, it was send back, and now I don't really know what to do.
The money back, or a replacement..
I'm think a lot of getting my money back, and maybe buy separates. Start with a reciever, and then build a system up slowly.

But what should i go for?

I want to use it for moives mainly, and some music..

Price: ~£250..

Are there anything good at Techtronics (i live in denmark, and they are the only one who send over here, and the other order was also at their firm, so it would be easiest).
Or maybe i should go for another ??

Please help a frustrated newbie..

Are there any good pages with a lot of reviews of theese things?

Yours sincerely


It depends entirely upon what type of speakers you plan to buy.

If you're looking at a small sub/sat system, something like the Yamaha 630 or Denon 1804 would be the best solution for you.

If you're thinking of large full-range speakers all around, then think Marantz SR4400, Pioneer VSX-D812 and the Harman Kardon offerings.


By the way..

I think i would like some floorstanding speakers..

But i don't think I have the money for it..

So maybe something like Tannoy FX5.1, to start with..

But the dream would be System Audio 1270 og 1280..


Again, fine if you're using a Sub/Sat system, and it represents excellent value for money.

But if you're looking to use huge full-range speakers that need more power from an amp, look elsewhere.


But do you know how good it is to buy..

Yamaha RXV440RDS
Dali Trio (do you know this company in england?)
And a new DVD-player..

Is it much better than a all-in-one system..
Especially the music I am thinking of..


I'm not familiar with 'Dali Trio', but a descent separates system will almost always outperform all-in-one systems, especially for Stereo/Music performance.


Okay.. But the facts:

Yamaha RXV440
Dali Trio

Panasonic SC-DT300

Double as expencive.. But is it double as good too :) ?


Look at it this way...

Is a B&W M3 twice as good as a Ford Focus RS?

It depends on the driver :p.

Same scenario here, as people on the forums will tell you, if you have a budget all-in-one setup and upgrade to something costing ten times more, whether it performs 10 times better is entirely subjective on how much the listener appreciates the quality.

You should always listen to the equipment before you buy.


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Dare I say it and look at the Eltax range of speakers. They should be easy to get over there lol.

What about buying from Germany?? Its got to be cheaper than England and I cant see any problems with then posting to you. Quite a few English look to buying in Germany as its much cheaper than over here.

Toshiba sd 330 Multi region £70
Rxv-440 (approx) £200
Gives you roughly £430 for speakers and postage etc. It will make an excellant first system.

As Dimmy has said you MUST listen to the equiptment before your buy .

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