Rechargable wireless keyboard


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Looking for a wireless keyboard idealy with a mouse included but thinking about one which has a docking station to recharge it, that way I can put it out the road when its not in use and it charges while its there.

I saw a rechargable one the other day in a shop but it looked really poor quality but not seen any since

somewhat like this one

KeySonic ACK-616 RF - Keyboard - wireless - 2.4 GHz - 88 keys - Integrated trackball - USB wireless receiver - black with silver accents: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories


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Found a few rechargable ones, alternative might be to get a pack of rechargable batteries instead


is a rechargable one but a bit pricey,

ditto for this one and no picture of mouse either


and a keysonic one I cant find anywhere for a price

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Cherry does an interesting one that recharges via USB cable, the B.Unlimited Home. Unfortunately I think they only do it in a german layout at the moment so the markings would be wrong (the keys are exactly the same on a german keyboard and would behave as normal with windows set to the UK layout).


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Who's a prat and ordered the wired version by accident? me? shocker

it also doesnt have a mouse, touchpad is just a crud load of shortcuts
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