Recessing a 42 inch plasma into a false chimney breast

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by darthbane, Sep 17, 2004.

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    hello to all - I would to recess mount a 42 inch plasma screen into a false chimney breast.

    Any help that you could give me on the construction of this project would be greatly appreciated.

    The fire the screen would be mounted above is an electric one contained within its own firepace - it is not recessed.

    My questions are this -

    do i go the studding the wall or using thick mdf route?

    what are the heat issues i should consider in construction?

    what are the acoustic effects i should consider and what should i use to combat any loss in sound quality or increase in plasma buzzing etc?

    what clearance should be left around the plasma?

    should i only buy a same brand as the plasma wall bracket or is there a good universal one and will the bracket hold onto plasterboard on studding?

    I have seen an MDF one constructed with a second recess inbetween the fire and plasma to accomodate a centre speaker is this a good idea with heat/sound issues?

    Any help on these questions or any other issues i should consider would be greatly appreciated and any pictures of any of your own projects would be great.

    Thanks Paul
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    Nr Dorking
    Strewth mate, you don't want much do you? I get to charge a couple of thousand quid to do this! Seriously now, it's reasonably tricky, getting the thickness of the plasma on it's mount to line up and parrallel with, the front face of the wall, and it looks awful if you don't. Putting the centre speaker in as well is perfectly feasible. I would ensure ventilation at floor level and ceiling level to allow air to circulate around the screen. In the corporate world this type of thing is quite common, and to get around the fact that the plasma drops down on it's mount about 25mm or so, to achieve a snug fit, it's usual to use clip on panels on a frame, which can also have in wall speakers mounted onto them. Email me and I'll send you some piccies.

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