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john Hoggy

I recently visited a richer sounds store looking to consider a mission cinema m72 or m73 speaker package. I was told by a member of staff that they are struggling to get hold of the centre speaker due to mission apparently discontinuing it and bringing another model out in the near future. they dont know what it's specs are so cant match the speaker set up anymore until they know what they are.
Is this true, I havent seen anything on missions website about this.
Any comments?

Steve Thornes

Don't even go there. I've deleted the words Richer Sounds from my volcabulary. Half the staff don't have a clue and most don't know if they are coming or going.
I wouldn't by a needle from there.


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Richer sounds are way behind on the times, the new M7c2 center speaker has been out since late August.

The old M7c1 which is no way neer as good as the new M7c2, there should be plenty of stock about.

If you are gong the Mission route I would definatly recommend the M7c2 it maches the M72/M73 perfectly.

I got all my Mission Cinema speakers from


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I recently popped into a HiFi shop (Sevenoaks), and mentioned the cinema 71 or 72 package (can't remember which). The guy suggested I what for a while cause Mission are bringing out a new set of speakers that are 'much better'. Unfortunately I can't remember what he called then, although Z1 seems to ring a bell.


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It would surprise me if Mission release anything new for a while, they have only just released the more expencive M5 series, I have not heared them because I am perfectly happy with my M7 series.

I did hear somthing about a M70i revision but I have no idea if this will spread to the rest of the M7 series.


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:clown:Richer Sounds i phoned up asked for some m73 they tried to sell me some 702se i said no good i need magnetically sheilded they said dint know that the m73 are mag sheilded forget richer sounds you can buy mission cheaper at m7c1 £84.99 m7c2 £119.99 i would go for the new model should be better iwill be getting one soon


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hi john hoggey
The new mission speakers are the updated Mseries they are the same model numbers with the i infront for improved .I purchased m71i bookshelf m7c2 centre and m7ds rears.The m7c2 centre is a much bigger speaker but sounds loads better than the m7c1 you can get all m70 range from hifi junkies there service is excellent and they will try to price match any of there products gonzo.:D


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Thought I'd tag this question on the end - it's kind-of related ...

I'm also considering the Mission M73 package (with M7C2 centre), and from the number of posts I've seen, it looks a popular choice, but I'd still like to hear them in action before I decide.
Can anyone recommend a 'reputable' dealer where I can get a demo (hopefully including my intended Yammy 630RDS / Tosh 520E) which is anywhere near Northampton?
I know there's a RicherSounds in Milton Keynes, but I don't believe they have an AV demo room.

Anyone help ?


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