(recent) Ex-Sony LCD owner looking for 50" plasma!!




I recently purchased a 46" Sony WE5W, I liked the "POP" and though the different HCFL backlight would address the bleeding/flashlighting/clouding issues that were being reported on the "W" series (CCFL) (I also liked the white colour of the TV!)

Well needless to say, it bleeds like a [email protected] (all four corners have flashlight effect) and some minor clouding. I didn't even go looking for it, I saw it between "acts" in 24 (during the countdown timer on a black background). Having done more research SINCE then I've decided it's an inherent issue with LCD technology as a whole so I've been put off.

I was briefly considering going for the 46X4500 (due to the proper localised dimming and REAL LED backlighting), however I'm scared of the differing lifespan of the many LEDs and uneven backlighting. Put simply I'm so narked off with Sony that I can't see myself ever touching another of their TVs.

So now I've switched to looking at Plasma. I refuse to buy a Pioneer (if I could find one), as I'm not paying 40% more just so I can swim in the sea of black. In the end I decided to go for the 50" Panasonic V10, but they're like gold-dust right now. So I was all about ready to go for the G10, when I found out there is no PIP on it. PIP is a feature I need so that's kind of ******ed me off somewhat...

I notice the Samsung 850 has PIP and seems to be regarded as close to the V10, plus I believe the VGA on the Samsung does 1920x1080 (unlike the 1366x768 with the Panasonic). I've also noticed LG have some well regarded sets.

So.. the question I'm asking you people is, what should I go for based on the following criteria:

~50" Plasma.
Low/No input lag.
"Good" blacks.
"Good" colour.
Low/No IR.

Many thanks.


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