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Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by AOD, Aug 18, 2003.

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    I want to receive some channels from Hotbird but cannot mount a dish externally (due to being in a block of apartments with a suitable clause in the lease).

    There is a communal system for $ky which we are connected to, but I need access to Hotbird and so will need another dish of some description. Adding another dish to the roof is not an option.

    Given that I can't mount it outside, could I have it inside pointing through a window?

    A couple of CAI members I've called have said it can't be done. One said I need a mimimum dish size of 60cm (due to the strength of the signal) and that it would have to be mounted externally.

    Does anybody have a working setup going through a window where they can pick up Hotbird signals? It has to be Hotbird as I'm told that the $ky signals are stronger so just because a system can receive $ky, doesn't mean it will work for Hotbird.

    I'm open to any suggestions, ideally it would be something that I could place behind the TV and not dominate that entire end of our lounge. I can open the window (it's actually a door onto our mini balcony) but would like to avoid having this open if possible.

    The ideal scenario would be something that I could clamp to the sill of the window/door and leave in place. The fallback would be something mounted on a tripod instead.
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    Download the free book "Understanding Sky Digital TV". In it you'll see a picture of a cassegrain dish looking through a window. It looks to me like a MULTIMO portable dish. Whether it will be quite big enough for HotBird depends on your location, type of window glass and angle at which it's looking through the glass. Best bet is to find a used 60cm dish and rig it up temporarily. If that works then the Multimo should be OK. Note that the picture shows it mounted on a TV swivel bracket next to the window!

    If you could put it on the balcony then it should be fine. Dishes can be painted to camouflage them. You can also get a flat dish that looks like a folded table. Not cheap.

    This all presupposes that your balcony faces south!


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