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I have spend some time researching this forum and others, as well as articles and reviews but I am still in a fog on which receivers actually support the new gaming systems (Xbox Series X and PS5). I realize many units have a bug, some of the manufacturer's are offering an adapter to help alleviate the issues, while others are silent.

I came across an article that stated the PS5 works in HDMI 2.1 with 4K 120Hz (8K 60Hz) but that just adds more confusion.

So, I ask the community. Which A/V receivers $500-$1000 support the new gaming systems with all the HDMI 2.1 features including 4K 120Hz (8K 60Hz), if any do at this point?

I currently have an older gen Denon (which I love) so I am looking to replace it. I have all the game systems and plan to pick up the LG CX 77 OLED very soon. I am just trying to figure out what to replace my Denon with.


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There are currently no AVRs that support pass through of Xbox Series X and PS5 systems. Denon has a bug that prevents the Xbox Series X from working at 4k 120 but works at other resolutions and frame rates. However the Denons work with PS5. Also, the Denons only have 1 high bandwidth input.

Yamaha is supposed to release a firmware to support 4k 120 but it is currently scheduled for the fall and is expected to have the same issues as Denon.

My advice? Wait until the dust settles, possibly until next year's models come out.


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I agree with the above as currently waiting myself.

note: Denon/marantz series only have one HDMI 2.1 input. As you are planning on getting an LG CX that has multiple hdmi 2.1 inputs, I would hook up the Xbox series X and PS5 directly using eARC to route the sound back to the AVR.


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The issue in question only effects video from an XBox Series X and doesn't effect the uncompressed signal from a PS5.

Sound United have recently announced an adaptor that can be used as a woraround with their Denon and Marantz HDMI version 2.1 equipped AV receivers for the XBox Series X issues.

All current Sound United HDMI 2.1 equipped AV receivers have no issues at all passing through a 4K 120Hz signal sourced via a PS5.

Yamaha have AV receivers with miltiple 4K 120HZ and 8K 60Hz yput, but these capabilities have as yet not been turned on. THe models in question are awaiting a firmware update to engage the new HDMI version 2.1 associated capabilities. This update is now late and over schedule, probly due to the same XBox issues experienced with the Sound United AV receivers?


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Ok, so there's no available A/V Receiver product right now that would work for 4K 120 Hz, 8K 60Hz. So, my option is to buy the CX and then plug both next gen game systems into the TV. Then I can connect the TV (eARC) to my OLD Denon receiver via (ARC). Will I at least get Dolby Digital 5.1? I hear it will establish a connection but downgrade to ARC compatibility and ARC is good only for stereo 2 channel and at best Dolby Digital 5.1, but no DTS or higher sound options. I guess until a better reciever comes out, Dolby Digital will work for my games. Will be a bummer for UHD movies to not have access to the better sound. But it's worth it, I guess, to wait for the next gen receivers to provide full compatibility, and possibly more HDMI 2.1 ports.


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You'd get Dolby Digital 5.1 or 2 channel PCM via conventional ARC from an LG CX to your older Denon receiver if it only has ARC and not eARC. You'd not get TrueHD, DD+ or Multichannel PCM via ARC and the CX has no integral support for DTS formats anyway.
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Ok, So I got the CX 77 today and I plugged in the Xbox Series X and PS5 to the TV and a standard HDMI cable to from the to the older ARC supported Receiver. It does pass DD 5.1 but like we all thought, no additional formats. It's fine in order to get the better HDMI 2.1 visual features on both the XBox and PS5 though. At least until the eventual receivers that support 2.1 passthrough.


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Well, I thought I was all good with ARC buuuuuut, apparently many TV's introduce an audio delay into their Dolby Digital (or Bitstream) sound. I get about 200ms delay and there are a lot of people that have reported this. It's that way on Xbox series X and PS5 (anything into the TV using ARC using bitstream). So, the only sound I can get that's not delayed is stereo. Such an annoyance. I am thinking about returning the TV. There's really no option or combination at this point it seems. I really with ARC worked.


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Hi Fritzilla,

Hope I am not too late. Is there no option on the receiver to adjust the delay. Depending on the receiver model, there may. Also, there also may be a few options in the LG TV Sound menu that can change the delay (indirectly). I have the 77" and originally was screwing around with a soundbar, and depending on the setting in the TV audio menu, delay was significant or not at all. I think you may possibly have two solutions to that issue. As you said, perfect world we get a receiver that solves the HDMI 2.1 issue, but keep testing the sound, and give the audio settings a try. Also, the receiver usually has a +/- audio delay. I think I originally fixed it that way, until I stumbled on to a better setting in the TV to address the issue in its entirety. I don't currently have this setup, or I would give more specifics. I connect my TV straight to receiver, I don't get the HDMI 2.1 benefits currently, but I get ATMOS sound. I will adjust when HDMI 2.1 solution comes available.

Granted, my setup is/was different than yours, so it may not help, but check on both possible fixes. The receiver audio delay may be simple fix if it adjusts for ARC. Also there is a difference between ARC and eARC, so maybe it was a setting similar to that in menu, even if it isn't obvious based on wording. Wish I could recollect. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but don't give up yet.

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