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    First time poster from Wisconsin in the United States. I have a BenQ MS500 projector which I actually really like BenQ MS500 3D Ready DLP Projector MS500 B&H Photo Video

    It's an analog projector. I have several game consoles hooked up to the projector through various A/V switches.

    In any event, certain game consoles like my xbox 360 and PS3 take up the entirety of the projection surface Draper Luma Manual Projection Screen - 70 x 70" - 207003

    Other consoles, such as my playstation 1 play in a sort of windowed mode. My estimation is that this is due to the resolution being lower on my ps1 than on my xbox 360.

    So, my question is, are you aware of any A/V receivers that upscale an analog input of 480i to an output of 720p? This would solve two of my problems. Firstly, it would allow my to consolidate my A/V switches down to hopefully one and secondly allow me to upscale my older game consoles to a 720p picture.

    Any input or advice that you could offer me on this topic would be greatly appreciated.


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