Receiver vs. power amplifier recommendation (for Dali Zensor 7)


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My speakers Dali Zensor 7 are currently running on Marantz NR 1508. For movies I also have Dali Zensor vokal and two smaller surround speakers
After speaking with local HIFI dealer and some internet research I believe that it might be a good idea to deliver more power to my speakers. As my current receiver also offers pre outs another option is to get power amplifier.

The budget for the upgrade is somewhere around 1000€ - 1500€ (1000 - 1500) USD.
I would be most grateful for any suggestions.
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I'd recommend a Behringer A800, will save you some money too.

Reviewed by Audio Science Reviews and Z Reviews (You Tube). Should be easily available in europe.

If you need a trigger:


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