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Hi folks, looking for some basic help. I spent lots of time 4 years ago putting in my basement theater and all was good. However, last night my Marantz SR7009 started turning off in the middle of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Now it won't stay on longer than a few minutes, and it turns off once I get the volume up to a normal level. The red light blinks rapidly, so after a bit of research seems to be a hardware problem. Connections all look good on the back. I've reached out to Marantz but I'm guessing I'll need to send it somewhere to be checked out. The problem is that I have plans to watch some good movies & football next weekend so I need a replacement quickly.

Without starting over in my search for a new receiver and spending as much time as I did, I was hoping for a few quick recommendations based on my setup. Here is what I have:

20' x 20' dedicated home theater room
3 SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers (LRC) behind a spandex screen (120")
2 SVS SB-2000 Subwoofers (both in the front on either side of the screen)
4 RSL C34e Ceiling speakers - 2 behind and 2 above the main listening area (Atmos)
2 Klipsh side speakers (old surround sound box system)
2 Klipsh rear surround speakers (same)
AudioSource Amp-1000 (for the extra 2 speakers the Marantz doesn't power)
Marantz SR7009
Panasonic AE800U projector (would love to upgrade to 4k but price doesn't seem worth it yet)

For what I have, I don't need the latest and greatest - just need to be able to run all of these speakers off the receiver from an Apple TV and an XBox One. The Marantz was $1,200 last time and just looking for some suggestions on replacing or if you have any other repair suggestions I should try.

Thanks for reading - appreciate your help!


Welcome to the Forum.

AVF is a UK based Forum so it's difficult for many members to recommend amps on a USD budget. We do have a lot of US based members who will hopefully step in and help and I'll tag one for you who is extremely helpful to all members.

If you are looking for bargains then some of this years Denons which are now being replaced by 2021 models can be very good purchases but obviously depends on availability in the US. I would say a good replacement would be the Denon AVR X4500 or AVR X6500.



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Thanks for your help. Budget is not so critical, it's more on a relative basis. I'm willing to pay what I need to but don't necessarily want to overpay for features I don't need. Appreciate your suggestions on the Denons - I'll check them out!


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Update - I've tried more troubleshooting on the SR7009. I unhooked each component, plugged into different outlets, etc. Last step was completely removing it with nothing attached, plugging into another room. It will only stay on for a few minutes before it flips off and the red light starts blinking. I took off the cover and can see 5 fuses that are intact. Without any additional work - I assume it needs repaired. Anything else I could possibly try before seeing what options Marantz will give me?

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