Receiver to match Focal.JMlab Chorus S speakers


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I have a setup with Focal.JMlab Chorus S speakers.

Front: 716 S (91,5dB, 8 ohm, 130 W)
Back: 705 S (89dB, 8 ohm, 65 W)
Center: CC700 S (91dB, 8 ohm, 100 W)
Sub: SW700 S

I have a Denon AVR-1905 receiver that according to the specs can output 80W per channel.

I have a feeling that this is not the best match... It sounds a bit "closed-in". A friend has an AVR-3805 and a cheaper Dali speaker setup, and this sounds much more open and "fun" when viewing movies.

Anyone agree that I may need a better receiver to hear the potential of my speakers? If so, what receivers would you recommend as a good match to Focal?


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well, at 80watts a channel, that means when driving all 5 channels its probably only going to successfully give out around 40watts most likely, which isnt really enough to drive decent speakers.....

I'd be inclined to get a better amp.....those cheaper models are very good with satellite based systems, but with bigger speakers or more expensive satellites you really need as much power as you can get....

what might your budget be? and are there any specific video needs?

If you can hit around £300, try finding a Denon 3803, class bit of kit for having plenty of power available and lots of decoding and chippery options, no digital video inputs like HDMI, but tbh you can always add a switcher at a later date......or if you can go higher to £400 perhaps a 3805, but personally i find the 3803 does things better soundwise for power.....although the 3803 has slightly better surround decoding ability....

there are plenty of options, but i would recommend looking for a brand new amp costing around £700+ or an amp worth more but second hand around £300-400 :)

edit: by the way, i should say my options are not in reference your actual make and model of speaker, i havnt heard them myself, my remarks are more a generic viewpoint that i think most people would agree on....if you can demo stuff then do, its always worth the time to be happy when spending lots of


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Actually I've seen a 3803 for sale for £422. Guess the prices are a bit higher in norway, but it could be worth a try to make him sell it for £300 :).

My budget lies somewhere around £400, and I think that second hand is the way to go.

HDMI capabilities are not important at all (at this date...). Should I look for a receiver that has room correction, or could I set it up just as well manually?

Someone has also suggested Yamaha as a nice match for my speakers, so I guess I will check out their receivers as well.

Edit: Forgot to ask. What does the 80 wpc number really say, if I can't count on the receiver being able to output 80 watts to all 5 speakers?


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do haggle with the seller!! they do it for around £350 you get a good bargain in my opinion, i paid £700ish for mine and am more than chuffed!

however if folks have mentioned Yamaha being useful with your speakers then it may be worth looking that route as well....

as for room correction...hmm..well, if your room is a difficult and oddly laid out room then it could be useful......if however you can achieve a fairly standard setup of the speakers then i wouldnt worry too much, just grab an SPL and do it by ear...heh....i do, i'm more than happy with the result :)
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