Receiver that can handle 9 speakers outputs?



I have a dilemma. I recently moved into a new house that has speakers wired throughout the home. there are five speakers in my basement in the walls and ceilings set up for surround sound.
and then 4 more speakers in the main level above this. I have noticed with all the receivers I've looked at that with A/B functionality that the A group is for surround sound supporting 5 speakers and a sub and then the B group just handles 2 front speakers and nothing else. The problem I have is with my 4 speakers on the main level. Is there any reasonably priced receiver out there that handles more outputs for the B group of speakers. I need 4 not 2 ...or is there another way to handle this? Does anyone have any advice for me?? thanks in advance



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Welcome to the forums.

Have you considered daisychaining the other speakers to get a better impedance match for the amp output ?



Hey Mike,

thanks for the reply and the welcome. I'm a novice to this you will have to explain daisychaining in more detail for me.



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You looked at the big Yamaha's yet?

I don't know if they'll do 4 speakers in another room, but the Yamaha AZ1, AZ9 and probably several other models all have 9 speakers.

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