Receiver & speaker for £200-250


Hi all.
I'm looking for surround sound speaker and a reciever all for the measly sum of £200.
I'm willing to stretch to 250 but only if it is a big diffference in quality.
I know its not a lot, but I'm not really willing to spend anymore.

I've got a DVD player, PS2 and xbox.
So I need a reciever that can take at least 3 digital inputs, and also inputs for a digital TV box (don't know if they have optical or not) and VCR.

Thanks for your help


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If you're buying new then check out the Sony 495 receiver at Richer sounds for £99 and then se what speaker set they've got for the rest of your cash. If you want full surround (5 speakers and a sub) then you won't get much for your money. It would be worth saving some more the Tannoy FX sub/sat package at about £180. If you're patient you could keep an eye on the ads here to see what comes up. You could also consider buying a good pair of floorstanding main speakers (Richers have mission M73s and Eltax Liberty 5s for around £100) and then add the rest later. If you go for a decent pair of speakers you'll get far more out of them that a cheap package.


If you are likely to upgrade at a later date then find an old model receiver for about £200 eg Yamaha HTR5640
Then buy any old cheap £50 or less speaker pack and upgrade in bits as and when, the amp should be fine for ages though.


richersounds have the Yamaha HTR 5630 for £150. how about that instead?
What about a Pioneer VSXC301 for 150 also?
which is better out of these 2?

I've been recommended the Yamaha RXV440 for £180 but that means I'll have to skimp out on the speakers.
ie I'll have to get the Eltax Alpha speaker package at 70.

but the first 2 I could get the Eltax spectrum or the Gale moviestarr speakers for £99 which are supposed to be good, aren't they?


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For a speaker bargain, Richer sounds are currently selling a Celestion satellite pack for an unbelievable £29 - see http://***********/2v48v. These normally retailed for about £100. The price in the RS catalogue is £39, but £29 on the web-site. I picked up a pack for that price by printing out the web-page and showing it to them in-store. The pack contains 4 AVS101 speakers and an AVC102 centre speaker, details at http://***********/2zrys. Doesn't include the subwoofer though, although they do sell it separately - see http://***********/33c9h, or you might get something cheaper on eBay.


I recently go some tannoy fx 5.1 speakers with a pio vsx 301 amp.
I must say for just over 300 quid, its excellent. I have nearly the same kit as you too..xb,ps2 etc


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Originally posted by Garysweb
I recently go some tannoy fx 5.1 speakers with a pio vsx 301 amp.
I must say for just over 300 quid, its excellent. I have nearly the same kit as you too..xb,ps2 etc
Glad your happy mate!
If you cant stretch to the tannoy then either the Panny or Yamaha speakers.
Tannoys with pio amp is the AV bargain of the moment tho mate!
If you dont mind black speakers the tannoys are a bit cheaper but shop around and if you can find either product cheaper then use the RS price promise to full effect.
Also if you or a relative have a barclay card pay on that and get 12 months extended warranty free! also available on a couple of other credit cards.
Barclay card also offer a price promise so if prices drop within i think 60 days they will refund the difference!
You can also push your luck at the local RS by trying to get them to throw in some better cables, a good scart from amp to TV and for DVD is worth it!
Some if you can get them to throw in a good scart and an optical cable you can get even closer to budget!


Thansk for the help guys.

I found the Yamahas NSP100 for 79.99 (in richer sounds advert in What hifi), so it will definately be them.

with the £150 pioneer thats £230.

problem sorted.


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