Receiver & Speaker advice (Noob alert)


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My current setup consists of:

• Sony KV-32FX68U Wide Screen TV (3 SCART - 2 x RGB)
• Panasonic DVDF65 Multi-region DVD 5 disc player
• Aiwa FX2800 VCR (It's old & 'orrible!)
• NTL Set Top Cable Box
• GameCube / X-Box / PS2 (All into a switch before being routed to the TV via a SCART lead)

I want to add surround-sound to this setup and to be able to use a receiver as a switch for some of the video sources, i.e. the game systems.

My lounge isn't huge (15 x 13) and with the TV being on the large side I don't want large speakers so I'm after a set of surrounds that fit in with the TV. Also, and rather importantly, I have a budget of between £500-£600 to spend.

After looking at reviews I think :confused: I've decided that these appear to be decent choices:

Sony STRDB790B Silver Receiver
Mission M70 Surround Sound Speakers in Silver

The receiver is rated #3 in the current Home Cinema Choice top 5. I know the speakers are 'old hat' but from the reviews I've seen they should perform quite well. However, I might be totally wrong and before I whip out the plastic, I'd appreciate it if someone knowledgable could let me know if I'm doing the right thing?

Is there a better receiver / speaker package I should be looking at or are these sane choices?

Thanks in advance.


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If you knew Mrs Nutz then you'd know why they have to be the right colour. It's either that or I get 'my name' again :blush:


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Yes, I know that, although I don't have a Mrs. I live with my girlfriend :) It is only that you were asking about the way they perform, and nevertheless you included silver as something remarkable, that made me smile :)
Apart from that, I cannot help you very much, although as I discovered this forum, I found that in entry level amps, no one could compete with yamaha (430 and 530 at that time) in terms of what you got for the price. Now things may have changed... I have also read that in all sony stuff you pay the logo...
About mission speakers, I read mostly good things.


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I've had a look at the Canton speakers - but the cheapest I've seen is £450. My budget is tight so I can't afford to blow most of it on speakers alone :(


i'd look at yamaha htr5640
or the denon AVR1604
I don't rate the sony

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