Receiver shut off into 'protection mode' when I touched the metal door (static discharge from carpet) - Normal or potential electrical wiring issue?


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Yesterday evening my 2 hour old (yes 2 hours!) Marantz SR7013 shut off / went into 'protection mode' when I touched its metal front panel door (forgot to touch the metal foot of the AV stand first) and I felt a static discharge (carpeted room and dry winter air). Ironically I usually make it a point to touch the AV stand first...

I was worried it might not turn on again. However to my huge relief, the power turned on right away when I touched the power button seconds later and it has been working fine since the incident - I ran it for hours afterwards and checked all my HDMI sources (BD player, TiVO and Roku) worked fine.

I read on another forum where someone else had a similar issue with an amp (although they also heard a loud pop from their speakers and some other odd behavior which was NOT the case for me):
Many members who replied to that post (about a Klasse amp) seemed to think that the amp going into protection mode was just due to static and that they also had static issues and they discharged themselves first before touching electronics gear (like I do), but two members thought that the amp going into protection mode was not just due to the static discharge and that there was likely another issue that cause it to actually go into protection mode, such as due to a wiring issue / electrical issue / ground fault issue in the home (although one might have also taken into account the speaker popping that the OP there had mentioned).

So my two questions:

a) it is a normal for a receiver (or amp etc.) to go into 'protection mode' and shut off when one's static is discharged into it (from me) after touching it?
b) is a receiver or amp going into protection mode from one's static discharge alone NOT normal and possibly due to a wiring / electrical issue in the house?

2) Given this was a SINGLE incident and that everything is still working fine with my receiver after the incident (ran it for hours afterwards and also successfully tested / checked all my sources with it), should I be concerned about any potential of "hidden" damage or long term issues such as premature wear on components) that could surface years later?
Just trying to get peace of mind. :)

While I will leave the receiver panel closed (had only opened it to check something out on the display) and I almost always use the remote to control the receiver, so the likelihood of my touching the receiver again should be minimal, I still want to prevent this from happening again - maybe a ground / static discharge mat on top of the carpet in front of the receiver?

PS: IF the people who suggested that (b) above are right, I could call an electrician to check out the house wiring / electrical system (assuming there is no easy tool for me to test and see which outlet may have a loose wire e.g.). And I assume PSE&G will tell me to contact a private electrician.

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